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Texas Bowl update

The regular football season has come to an end for many teams and others only have one more game to play before final rankings are set and bowls pick their participating teams. The inaugural Texas Bowl will announce teams this Sunday, December 3 and right now this looks to be an incredible match-up for fans in


Fans in

will have their eyes glued to two games on Saturday that will help determine who comes to the inaugural Texas Bowl. The Big 12 Championship and the Rutgers vs. West Virginia games will help fill the final pieces of the puzzle for several bowl games including the Texas Bowl.

Fans who purchase tickets this week will have the best shot at the remaining tickets in the lower bowl of Reliant Stadium. Over 34,000 tickets have already been sold and once the teams are announced additional tickets will go very fast. Fans buying tickets through the Texas Bowl ticket office will become Texas Bowl season ticket holders and have the rights to those same seats for years to come. Tickets can be purchased by calling 1-866-GO-TEXANS.

A West Virginia victory, over Rutgers will likely put the Scarlet Knights, currently 10-1 in

. A Rutgers victory would then set up a visit from either West Virginia or Louisville .

The Big 12 remains a mystery but there are still four or five teams that could show up to the face a top-20 Big East team. Among those teams are Texas Tech,


Week 13 for the Big East and Big 12 Conferences followed the same unexpected routine of upsets and surprises. The 2006 college football season showed that anything can happen in collegiate football and forecasting results in nearly impossible.


38-7 in their final home game raising their rank to #13 and bringing their record to (10-1).

The 2006 Big East regular football season will end on Saturday, December 2 with

at 6:45pm. 

It was rival week for the Big 12 Conference as #11

42-17 ending their regular season with an (8-4) record.


In local college football news, the match-up for the Conference USA Football Championship Game is set. The West Division champion Houston Cougars will meet the East Division champion Southern Miss on Friday, December 1 at Robertson Stadium in


Rice defeated SMU 37-21 on Saturday, bringing their record to (7-5). The Owls will find out which bowl they will attend after next week's Conference

championship game. 

The Big 12 and Big East Conferences will have 15 teams combined that are bowl eligible. The Texas Bowl is on its way to becoming the newest

football tradition by bringing two football powerhouses to battle it out at Reliant Stadium. Already over 34,000 tickets have been sold for the Inaugural Texas Bowl and while there are still great seats available, once the teams are announced, on December 3, they will go fast.  Click here for tickets.

Big 12 Standings


  • 6-2 9-3
  • 4-4 8-4
  • 4-4 7-5
  • 3-5 6-6

2-6 2-10

State 1-7 4-8


  • 7-1 10-2
  • 6-2 9-3

A&M* 5-3 9-3

Tech* 4-4 7-5

  • 3-5 6-6

Baylor                         3-5      4-8

Big East Standings

  • 5-1 10-1
  • 5-1 10-1
  • 4-2 9-2
  • 4-3 8-4
  • 4-3 7-5
  • 2-5 6-6

1-5 4-7

                   1-6      4-8

* Bowl Eligible

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