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The 10 celebs you'd invite to a Texans suite


You have a suite for a Texans game.

You have room for 10 guests, who each get a plus-one.

You have some decisions to make.

John Harris and I recently made those choices on our "In the Lab" podcast, and we suspended all sorts of reality for it. We work on gamedays, so we wouldn't be able to get our hands on a suite. 

But, we went ahead and drafted the 10 celebrities we'd choose to join us, with John picking first. Here's who would populate our suites.

John's 10
1. Dabo Swinney- The Clemson head football coach would have some great stories about his former stars who are now Texans. 
2. George Springer- The World Series MVP has chopped it up on the radio with Johnny, and came to a Texans game with the World Series trophy last season.
3. Kirk Herbstreit- He's a font of football knowledge.
4. Jim Ross- One of the world's best voices, he's got wrestling and football knowledge out wazoo.
5. Katy Perry- John wanted some musical talent in the building.
6. Will Ferrell- One of the funniest people in the world, and he's also a football fan. 
7. President George H.W. Bush- The First Texans Fan...he's been a regular here on gameday sine the team began play in 2002.
8. A.J. Hinch- The Astros manager would mingle well with the crowd here, and have some great stories to tell.
9. Craig Biggio- Hall of Famer? Check. Houston legend? Check. That's more than enough to gain entry.
10. Bill Brown- The former TV voice of the Astros is chock full of tales to tell.

Drew's 10
1. Beyonce- The native Houstonian hasn't been to a Texans game in awhile, so why not bring her and her hubby back?
2. Hakeem Olajuwon- My favorite basketball player of all-time gets an invite.
3. The Rock- The actor/former WWE Superstar seems like a fun dude to be around, and he played at the University of Miami back in the early 1990's.
4. Andre Johnson- Speaking of The U, former Hurricane and the greatest retired Houston Texan is always welcome.
5. Justin Verlander- Hey Justin: thanks for being money down the homestretch last season. The future baseball Hall of Famer can hang out in the suite anytime. His wife is welcome also.
6. George Strait- The greatest Texan singer of all-time gets in.
7. Eddie Murphy- My favorite comedian ever is on the suite list.
8. Nolan Ryan- Legend. Like Dream, he gets in.
9. Jose Altuve- Reigning MVP's from the City of Houston always get automatic entry.
10. Tom Green- Gotta mix things up, and the comedian can definitely do that.

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