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The Apple, the Accolades and the EVP | Daily Brew


I'm in a New York state of mind.

This is an expression and also the title of a Billy Joel song. I went with "Start spreading the news" on a tweet, or X post today. A trip to the Big Apple awaits, so it brings up all the songs and references.

The Jets really play in New Jersey, so maybe we should be working in Springsteen and Bon Jovi references.

The Jets have been 'Livin' on a prayer' for most of the season, once Aaron Rodgers got hurt. That doesn't mean they can't win. Their defense gives teams fits. And they did beat Buffalo and were the only team to beat the Eagles until last weekend. John Harris helps us **get acquainted with them**

Another great way to get to know an opponent is by listening to Nick Caserio. Johnny and I caught up with the Executive Vice President and GM and he had plenty to say about the Jets. We also asked about the turned-up intensity in games this time of year. The Texans have had eight straight edge-of-your-seat thrillers. Will we get another? Here's 'Nick at Night' on Texans Radio.

It's been another week of pundits gushing over various Texans players. And it's sweet nectar to my ears. Derek Stingley Jr. won AFC Defensive Player of the Week. Will Anderson Jr. must have come close. He had two sacks vs Denver, deflected a ball that Stingley picked off and was setting up a campsite in the Bronco Backfield. Here's Johnny diagramming one of Will's sacks.

Some of you call Sports Radio 610 to voice your opinion or ask questions about the Texans. Some of you do it on social media. Some of you want to know what Drew Dougherty has to say. I, for one, wanted to know how he'd respond to a 'what do they do without Tank' question. **Here’s the answer**

Finally, I do love the Friday radio show, but there's something about Thursday night that gets me extra juiced. Wait, I know. It's because we have the 'General,' John McClain on. There's nothing like being able to chop it up with the Hall of Famer about the weekend's action. On this episode, we also drilled down on the AFC South teams.

New York is a place where great performers go to do their thing. The Texans have a chance to shine near the bright lights of Manhattan. If they get this one, they're three games above .500 with four to go, and things get even more intense and interesting.

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