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MVP? A return on the way? Playoff combos? | Fans Wanna Know


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Javier Alvarez: Dear Drew, Is C.J. Stroud a candidate for MVP and ROTY, if not both?
DD: Yes, Javier. He's certainly a candidate for both.

It would be a stunner if he didn't win the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. He's atop the NFL in passing yards, has his team at 7-5 on the season, and continues to impress on a weekly basis.

The Most Valuable Player award will be tougher to win, however. He's up against worthy candidates who are on teams that currently have better records.

But there's still five games to go, and every one of those contests is a winnable game for the Texans. Stroud can definitely solidify his credentials for the MVP if he continues to put up the impressive numbers.

Ivan Zepeda: Dear Drew, What happened to Ka'imi Fairbairn. Will he be back this season?
DD: The kicker remains on injured reserve, but I think he'll kick again this year for the Texans.

On Monday, Head Coach DeMeco Ryans was asked about Fairbairn, and he said "we'll see how the week goes."

The veteran kicker still hasn't practiced, so he won't likely play at New York on Sunday. Matt Ammendola has been the kicker in practice as well as the last few games in Fairbairn's absence.

Zachary Sinha: Dear Drew, I'm a big fan. With Tank Dell out for the rest of the season will the Texans go after a free agent wide receiver such as Jarvis Landry, Kenny Golladay or Sammy Watkins?
DD: I'm sure they've considered those three, as well as a number of other free agents. But it looks like they're confident the guys on the roster and the practice squad are the better options at this point.

Last Sunday, rookie Xavier Hutchinson was inactive, so there's a good chance he suits up at New York now that Dell is out. We've also seen Steven Sims in a couple games this season, and he's still here and eligible to be called up from the practice squad.

Katie Vaughn: Hi drew!! What inspired the "Texans Swarm" chant we here at games on third down? Where did it come from?
DD: From Ryans' first press conference when he was introduced as head coach, he said he wanted a defense that swarmed to the ball and had a swarm mentality. He reiterated that again and again publicly, and even more often in his time with the team. Earlier this season after a Texans victory, a camera in the locker room captured Stroud breaking down a huddle of the team. He said "Texans!" and the team answered back with a thunderous "Swarm!"

So now on third down with the Texans defense on the field, the NRG Stadim crowd is encouraged to yell "Swarm!" when they see the word "Texans" on the videoboards.

Gilbert Avila: Dear Drew, What's the loudest game in Houston Texans history…and can 2023 the year we break that record?
DD: Terrific question, Gilbert. The first game ever, the 19-10 win over the Cowboys in Week 1 of 2002, is generally considered the loudest. NFL football had been gone for a good long while, and the place was packed with pent-up energy.

The first playoff game, also a victory, over the Bengals in January of 2012 is very likely up there as well.

Jackson Ellerbusch: Dear Drew, What positions do you see the Texans focusing on for the upcoming draft?
DD: I really think they'll do like always and target the "Best Player Available". I don't, however, envision them taking a quarterback very high, though. But there's a LONG way to go until April, and there's a still a heck of a lot of football left to play this season.

Let's re-visit this again in a couple months, and I'll have better answers for you.

Matt Hughes: Dear Drew, If we happen to make the playoffs, what are the chances that the Texans would rock the Battle Red helmets? By the way, I just want to say that you do an amazing job Drew. Keep up the good work!
DD: Thanks a lot, Matt. I appreciate it.

As far as the Battle Red helmets in the playoffs, stay tuned. The players, and fans, love them.

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