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The Browns are talking about the Texans | Enemy Intel

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski on the explosiveness of Texans QB Deshaun Watson and the offense: "You watch the tape and it's readily apparent but also looking at the stats – their yards per attempt, yards per completion, they really have found ways to be explosive. I think it's two-fold – you have to cover but you have to cover for a long time because Deshaun Watson does an outstanding job of making plays late in the down, pushing the ball down the field. He's got two outstanding deep-ball threats. It's a combination of rush and coverage, making sure you're tight in coverage but also making sure that you have lane integrity to not allow him to buy time."

Browns defensive coordinator Joe Woods on Watson: "He is very dangerous. Very dangerous. I haven't slept very much this week. They're doing a nice job in their scheme. They're really putting him in position to take advantage of his talents…He's playing at a high level. He's really doing a good job running their offense."

Woods on the Texans offense: "From the quarterback position, to the wide receiver position, they really have some matchups that create some problems. They're able to stretch the field vertically. They're good underneath. Cooks, Cobb, can run after the catch."

Stefanski on Texans LT Laremy Tunsil: "Tunsil's as good as they come in this league. Just his combination again of his size and length. Anybody that's rushing over there is going to get a full day's worth versus Tunsil."

Browns RB Nick Chubb on Texans RB and former Cleveland Brown Duke Johnson: "I think he'll definitely have something to prove, and I also think (Texans TE & former Cleveland Brown) Pharaoh Brown will too. It'll be fun to watch and compete against those guys from across the field." 

Stefanski on Duke Johnson: "Versatility. I see them able to really line him up anywhere. When he touches the ball in space, he's hard to get on the ground. I've always thought highly of him throughout his career and I think you see them being able to utilize him in space."

Browns offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt on Texans DE J.J. Watt: "He definitely is that same player. You see the burst, strength, the length, the size, his ability with all his pass rush moves...Physically, yes: he's still at the top of the game.

Stefanski on Watt: "A very, very rare person. His size, power, strength, quickness. The way he's able to get his arms in throwing lanes, strip sacks. Just such a disruptive player. He's a major focus of ours going into this game. I think they do a great job of moving him around where you can't get a beat on where he is. He can line up all over the front. But the tape, it's impressive."

Woods on Watt being an example for good defensive line play: "He's a guy that a lot of people show, just because of his versatility inside. His power. His quickness. He's been able to dominate. That's why he's been defensive player of the year in this League."

Browns QB Baker Mayfield on Watt: "Obviously, J.J.'s play speaks for itself. He's been a great player for a long time, so he's one of those guys who you always have to know where he is on the field. They do move him around. They do that very well, to where you can't just call certain plays knowing that you're going to chip and get help on every play. They're going to move him around to try and get him opportunities."

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