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The Checklist: GM Nick Caserio Details what Texans Value in a Draft Pick | Daily Brew

Texans general manager Nick Caserio met with the media for a half hour on Friday morning. He covered a range of topics as the team approaches the 2021 NFL Draft, his first as the club's GM. When asked about what the team is looking for in a player, he detailed these qualities. In Caserio's words, here are 10 traits the Texans value in a Draft pick. 

  1. "Certain physical attributes that are going to be important. Those are going to be specific to the position. Like their speed, their explosiveness. There are certain things that may be a little bit more relevant physically to whatever position that they are playing." 
  2. "I would say their mindset." 
  3. "Do they put the team first?" 
  4. "Are they willing to be coached?" 
  5. "Are they willing to improve?" 
  6. "Can they make corrections?  
  7. "Can they make adjustments? 
  8. "Can they handle a large volume of information?" 
  9.  "Can they transition from one opponent to the next opponent and can they reduplicate that on a week-to-week basis?" 
  10. "Being able to perform consistently over the course of a long period of time and sustain that level of performance." 

The Texans own eight picks in this year's Draft, which begins on Thursday, April 29. Their first pick is in the third round at 67th overall.

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