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The Leftovers: Camp, position battles, Earl Campbell runs

Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions in the video above. He answered some more in the article below. Don't forget to change the filters out on a monthly basis. You can always hit him up on Twitter with a question HERE.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Where do we rank in the NFL on TFL's? It seems we have mastered this. Am I wrong?
DD: Derwin, the Texans were tied for sixth in the NFL last year in tackles for loss. The Steelers led the League. The Great Omar Majzoub of Texans Media Relations let me know that their 85 TFL last season was the fourth-best mark in team history. He also said that Houston had 26 different players record at least one tackle for loss in 2017, which led the NFL. It was also a single-season franchise record for most players with a tackle for loss.

Tina Marie Jordan: Dear Drew, Is there really anything to the Adrian Peterson rumors?
DD: Hi Tina Marie. I'd be mildly surprised if Peterson wound up with the Texans this season. If it were to happen, it likely wouldn't be until training camp or the middle of the preseason. Also, shoot us an email at to claim your money from the previous Dear Drew!

Sawyer Kohlenberg: Dear Drew, Will the Texans look at the possibility of drafting Adonis Alexander in the supplemental draft?
DD: Good question, Sawyer. I'm sure they're interested, but I doubt they'd want to spend a first-rounder on him. The date for the supplemental draft hasn't been announced yet, but it'll likely be in July. If the Texans were to use a first-rounder on him or anyone else in the supplemental draft, they'd lose next spring's first-rounder. But with a pair of second round selections in 2019, they might be in play there or later in the supplemental draft, depending on what their scouting department thinks.

Check out some of the best shots from Week 3 of Texans OTAs.

Juan Ornelas: Dear Drew, What is your favorite newly-elected-to-the-Houston Sports Hall of Fame Earl Campbell run?
DD: You could always go with the breakaway touchdown against the Dolphins on Monday Night Football, but gimme the one against the Rams in the Astrodome. HERE is the original play with commentary by Vin Scully, George Allen and Jim Brown, from September 24, 1978.

AnthonyMichael Hayes: Dear Drew, How does Martinas Rankin look and what number is he?
DD: Martinas is wearing number 75, and the Texans will look for him to contribute this season for sure. He had an intriguing skillset and is a versatile guy up front.

Chris Royal: Dear Drew, Is Tyler Ervin getting any reps at RB this year? 
DD: Chris, I think you'll see Tyler get his chances at RB, WR and in the return game this season. I'm looking forward to seeing him on the field in 2018.

Shanan Robinson Malone: Dear Drew, When will we have information regarding training camp and who do you think we will have (if anyone) join us in a joint training camp?
DD: Hi Shanan. The camp info will come out in mid-July, and you'll see the Texans host the 49ers here for at least one practice prior to the preseason game on August 18.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, For those lucky enough to travel to the Greenbrier what are some of the things you guys have for visiting fans?
DD: Up close access in a comfortable climate. The stands weren't crowded last year, and the temps were in the 70's and very low 80's.

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