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The Leftovers: Coutee, Webb, Rankin and predictions

Fans on Twitter and Facebook asked Drew Dougherty some questions. He answered a few in the video above, and quite a few more in the article below. Try to work in a salad, if possible.

Tina Marie Jordan: Dear Drew, You've been missed! Give us the details on Keke Coutee! Is he playing anytime soon?

DD: Thanks so much, Tina Marie. We'll see on Coutee. He practiced some last week, but didn't wind up playing versus the Cowboys in the finale. He had a leg injury in early August and missed the bulk of camp and all of the preseason games. But before that injury...WOW. He was really impressive, and is going to cause some matchup problems whenever he gets back on the field. He's got GREAT hands.

Steve Hicks: Dear Drew, Since we re-signed Joe Webb, III, do you think we may use him in any Wildcat packages?

DD: Good question, and it's not out of the realm of possibility. He's capable of that and I know the Texans coaches like how versatile he is.

Alejandro Mazal: Dear Drew, How long before Martinas Rankin gets to start? He looked great in the preaseason games that he played (not that I want any starters getting hurt).

DD: That's a tough one, Alejandro. The Texans like the changes they've made up front, but they also think highly of Rankin. He didn't get any on-field work in OTAs/minicamp, and then was very limited in August. But he impressed with the mental side of the game, and then performed well when he got on the field in Los Angeles and then last Thursday at NRG Stadium. He worked at both tackle spots, but can also play both guard positions and center. Long-term, the Texans believe he'll be a starter and a good one at that. Also, it was nice meeting you and your wife at the luncheon last week.

@daviesinator: Dear Drew, Which player do you think will surprise Texans fans this season?

DD: I can only pick one? I think Coutee will make a pretty solid impact this year as a rookie. He's dynamic, fast, and has great hands. Look out for him.

@kjntxn: Dear Drew, Will we get more respect around the NFL if we can pull off the upset against the Patriots?

DD: Who cares? Let's just get wins. You get those, you'll get respect. I assure you the Texans care more about winning than who does or doesn't respect them.

Mike Ledesma: Dear Drew, With no real fullback on the team how do you think our offense will change?

DD: Excellent question. At times this preseason, we saw a tight end line up in the backfield as a fullback. When the Texans want a big body in front of their tailback, I think you'll most likely see the tight end back there. They might also have some packages with an extra offensive lineman when they want to go to a heavier look.

@OfficialDadez: Dear Drew, Will he Texans come out victorious in Week 1? What does the Magic 8-Ball predict?

DD: I think the Texans can do it, yes. My 8-ball's a chump, and not as confident. It said "Ask Again Later".

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, Long time no see! Or should I say, long time no questions! Why haven't you taken any Facebook questions lately?

DD: Thanks a lot, Samantha. Sometimes you just gotta shake things up. We were taking Twitter questions for awhile. This week, we took questions from Twitter and Facebook.

Corbin Bates: Dear Drew, Why do women buy Victoria Secret when I'm going to be just as happy with them wearing WalMart lingerie? Oh and are we going to get to see as good a game as we did last year against New England?

DD: Uhhh, I guess you're more into the package than the wrapping? As for the game, the Texans have all the pieces in place to make it a great one up at Gillette Stadium this Sunday. I can't wait.

Angel Martinez: Dear Drew, What is your prediction for this season? I'm predicting 11-5, is that realistic?

DD: Thanks for the question, Angel. I'm not a prediction guy. But your 11-5 is cool with me, and it's realistic if Watson and the playmakers on defense stay healthy.

@956TXN: Dear Drew, I'm going with a friend to my 1st official game OCT25.....Thursday Night! Can we meet you?

DD: Sure. Tweet at me closer to the game and we'll figure something out.

@COOPdeVILLE5: Dear Drew, Why don't we wear the all-red unis anymore?

DD: Because every other color combo the Texans have is better.

James Garcia: Dear Drew, Missed your segments. Will having D-Hop on my fantasy team help me win my league?

DD: It sure can't hurt. With three different quarterbacks throwing him passes last season, he still managed to catch 13 touchdowns and ring up 1,378 receiving yards in 15 games.

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