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The Leftovers: Draft ?'s and a 1,000-yd duo

Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions in the video above. He answered some more in the article below. When you finish reading this, go outside and sprint 50 yards.

Jalen Johnson: Dear Drew, With Deshaun Watson back do you think its possible that Will Fuller, V and Deandre Hopkins be one of receiving duos in the NFL to get over one thousand yards this upcoming season?
DD: Good question, Jalen. I think Hopkins is a lock for it. Fuller can get there, too. His first two seasons in the League, though, he's missed a combined eight games. But when healthy, and with Watson under center, Fuller was phenomenal. In the four games they played together, he caught 13 passes for 279 yards and SEVEN TOUCHDOWNS. More than half his catches from Watson were scores.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, What do you think of Shaquem Griffin? Is there a possibility that the Texans could draft him with one of the 3rd round picks?
DD: Certainly, Samantha. Griffin is one of the coolest stories I can remember in Draft history. I saw him in person a couple years ago when Central Florida played here against the University of Houston. The Coogs came back and won that game, but Griffin was an absolute MONSTER. He had 14 tackles, 2.5 sacks and he picked off a pass. He's somebody that can likely be moved around, and also contribute on special teams. That fits in well with what defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel likes to do.

Zack Ayres: Dear Drew, Can we expect to see a linebacker drafted in rounds 3 or 4 to replace the loss of Cushing?
DD: I suppose they might draft an inside linebacker in one of those rounds, but it would have to be someone dynamic that can contribute in a lot of other ways too. Griffin, who I discussed above, can likely play a little bit of strong safety in certain situations. A true inside linebacker won't likely get nabbed by the Texans in those rounds, because they already have three good young ones on the roster in Benardrick McKinney, Zach Cunningham and Dylan Cole.

Steve Hicks: Dear Drew, Will they bring in another field goal kicker to compete with Ka'imi Fairbairn?
DD:  I don't think so, Steve. Fairbairn was good in his first year as a pro and I think he'll be even better in 2018 with experience and with the addition of special teams coordinator Brad Seely.

Kyle Parker: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans will make the playoffs?
DD: I sure do, Kyle. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, is possible with Watson under center.

Jonathon Lovil: Dear Drew, With Derek Newton's release, will the Texans pick an offensive tackle at 68? They have 7 tight ends on the team do you see one of them becoming good or will tight end be the first pick possibly?
DD: Jon, it's very likely the Texans will use their first pick in this Draft on a tackle. If that means it's at 68, or if that means they've traded up into the second round, I think a tackle is a likely choice.  I also think they'll take a tight end early on in this Draft. Like you mentioned, there's a lot of depth. I think they'd like to add someone else to the mix, though.

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