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The Leftovers: Hal's back, Foreman udpate, Big trade talk?

Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions in the video above, and quite a few more in the article below.

Kyle Parker: Dear Drew, does S Andre Hal have a good chance to play this year?* DD*: He sure does, Kyle. What a pleasant surprise in that regard over the last month: at the end of September came the announcement that his Hodgkin's Lymphoma was in remission, and then on Wednesday was the news that he was back on the practice field. Now, the Texans have 21 days to determine whether or not they'll add him to the 53-man roster or place him on injured reserve. But the fact that they added him this week is a very positive indicator he'll be back in games, and back in games before the month is finished.

Destiny Wright: Dear Drew, During the game in the stadium, on the jumbotron graphics, was it filmed somewhere in the stadium or on a green screen? My 8-year old and I argue about this every game!

DD: I'm not sure which of you is arguing what, but you're both correct. The stuff you see on the videoboards was filmed back in May inside NRG Stadium. Some of it, though, was filmed in stadium in front of a green screen. Gavin Gehrt, Kenny Perkins, Tom McGuigan are some of the brains behind the awesome stuff you see up there on the videoboards. Just wait till you see some of the tricks up their sleeves for later this season.

Edgar Alvarado: Dear Drew, Since the report came out should the Texans make a trade for All-Pro CB Patrick Peterson if he's available?

DD: GM Brian Gaine said at his introductory press conference early this year that the Texans would explore all avenues to try and improve. I wouldn't be surprised if the Texans inquired about trading for other players they think could help. He's an outstanding player, and would help any team.

Jeffrey Wilson: Dear Drew, Do you think the kicking game is important?

DD: Of course, Jeffrey. The Texans have a good one in Ka'imi Fairbairn. He's banged through a pair of overtime winners this year, is 15-of-18 on field goal tries, and is perfect on all tries inside 40 yards. Plus, he's forced a touchback on 23-of-32 kickoffs.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Loved the In The Lab points on special teams. How much credit do you think should go to our new ST coach?

DD: Thanks for listening, Derwin. Special teams coordinator Brad Seely and his assistant Tracy Smith deserve a TON of credit for the improvements. The blocked punt and the fumble recovery off the other punt were enormous plays that helped the Texans win last weekend. But on the whole this season, opponents are on average starting at their own 26-yard line, while the Texans are starting at their own 31. Both those marks are second-best in the NFL, and drastic improvements over what we've seen here the last decade.

John Sanchez: Dear Drew, Will we seen any of D'onta Foreman this year?

DD: Yes, but not this week. He still hasn't come off the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list, but when he does, the Texans can add him to the 53-man roster or put him on IR at any point over the 21 days after he exits the PUP. Head coach Bill O'Brien said Foreman wasn't going to come off it this week. He's rehabbing an Achilles injury he suffered at the end of November last year. His return to the field will be a welcome one, as he added a lot to the run game.

Ty Moore King: Dear Drew, I know the question about our OL has come up several times, but I am going to re-emphasize it again: what are your thoughts about our OL?

DD: As O'Brien, offensive line coach Mike Devlin, and many offensive linemen have said, they can certainly play better. Last week was a struggle against a mighty Buffalo defense. The task won't be any easier this week in Jacksonville. The youth at the tackle position has shown, and the Texans need to play better up front. They took a nice step forward against the Cowboys, allowing just one sack. But they've all said multiple times that they can and need to, play better.

Joshua Lewis: Dear Drew, Do you think the lack of offense in the redzone is caused by Bill O'brien's play-calling?

DD: If you ask the players that, they say no, it's a matter of poor execution and/or penalties. If you ask O'Brien, he'll take some credit and say the play calling could be better, but that penalties and a lack of execution also come into play. Ultimately, the Texans aren't having trouble getting inside the opponents' 20. We're still pretty early in the season, and I'd wager that the offense will start punching in touchdowns more often than not as this season progresses.

Manuel Flores: Dear Drew, Is it too early to say J.J. Watt is first in line for Defensive Player of the Year or Comeback Player of the Year?!

DD: Absolutely not. He's playing great, and only getting better, it seems. Even better, when he was asked Wednesday about how he's playing, he said "I'm by no means as good as I'm going to get, yet." That's exciting stuff to hear from the guy who currently shares the NFL lead in sacks with seven.

Jeremy Wilson: Dear Drew, I will be attending my first texan's game at NRG stadium Dec 30th with my 10 yr old son. Anything we should know to better our experience?

DD: Awesome, Jeremy. Hope you guys enjoy it, and the Texans get a win right before starting the playoffs. I'd try to get there early so you can walk around the Blue and Platinum lots on the south side of the stadium and check out the tailgates. Also, go to the area in between NRG Stadium and the Astrodome. It's called the Bullevard, and there are a lot of fun things you and your son can do. Plus, there's a cool pair of giant-sized gloves you can take a picture with.

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