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The Leftovers: Haters, Humans, health updates & Demaryius Thomas info

Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions from Facebook in the video above. He answered quite a few more in the article below.

Brandon McLaughlin: Dear Drew, How much of the playbook will Demaryius Thomas have down before the Washington game?
DD: A lot more, Brandon. Head coach Bill O'Brien said on Monday that Thomas was really only able to learn the gameplan for the Texans' game at Denver. Now that he has over a week before the game at Washington, he'll be able to dive into the playbook and absorb quite a bit more.

David Valdillez: Dear Drew, Why do other people on the NFL talk shows talk down on the Houston Texans, saying that they have not played anyone?
DD: I don't know, and I don't care, David. Neither do the players and the coaches. Not sure which specific show you're talking about, but the Texans have played who's on the schedule, and they've won 67 percent of the time. This isn't college football, and there aren't rankings, so it really doesn't matter how pretty the wins have been and against whom they've happened.

Michael Carroll: Dear Drew, With the Titans beating the Cowboys do you think they're a threat coming into the last half of the season?
DD: Certainly, Michael. But I don't think the Texans fear anyone right now, because of the way they've been winning. We'll see how the two teams stack up on November 26. Tennessee's here for a Monday Night Football date that evening.

JM Reyna: Dear Drew, J.J. Watt has been insane this year. That being you actually think he's human? ;)
DD: Haha, yeah, he's blurred that line this year, hasn't he? Watt's turning in a tremendous season, and already has nine sacks through the first nine games. He also thinks the best is still to come in 2018. I've been very happy for him, after the tough times he's gone through injury-wise in 2016 and 2017.

Willis Odika: Dear Drew, Do you think Justin Reid might win Defensive Player of the Year?
DD: If the season were over today, Willis, no. I'd go with Watt if I had to choose a Texan. But I suppose if Reid picks off a dozen more passes and scores a few touchdowns over the final seven, then sure.

Sergio Becca Jaramillo: Dear Drew, After the bye week with the rejuvenation of the defense and return of key players on offense do you think we can go undefeated the rest of the season?
DD: That's a lot to ask, but anything's possible with Deshaun Watson under center.

Minz Lentz: Dear Drew, This may be a silly question but why doesn't TORO travel with the team?
DD: The cheerleaders and mascots at NFL games are only for the home team. Also, his people told me that he couldn't get classified as a service animal.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, What's up with D'Onta Foreman? Will he be back on the field this season?
DD: Yes. Don't know exactly when, but O'Brien said on Monday that Foreman's "trending" in the right direction for a return in the next few weeks. The Achilles injury is a tough one to come back from.

Eugene Arispe: Dear Drew, Do you ever see the Texans doing trick plays with Demaryius Thomas?
DD: Sure, why not? O'Brien's always shown a willingness to employ trick plays. It wouldn't stun me to see him mix one in with Thomas.

John Lozano: Dear Drew, Do you believe that we can go 13-3 this season if we defeat the Redskins?
DD: Anything's possible, John, but I really think that's a lot to ask. Wacky stuff can happen, even if you have the better team. But it's like I said above to Sergio and Becca Jaramillo: with Watson, anything and everything is possible.

Ross Lange: Dear Drew, Who do you think will be healthy after the bye week?
DD: Ross, there's a very good chance you'll see cornerbacks Johnathan Joseph and Aaron Colvin, as well as safety Andre Hal, back after the break. They were limited participants last week in practice, and questionable heading into the game at Denver. The same goes with receiver Keke Coutee.

The Traveling Texans showed up big in Denver as the team took on the Broncos for Week 9 and delivered their sixth straight win.

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