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The Leftovers: O-line talk, the Draft, RB position and more

Fans sent in questions via Facebook for Drew Dougherty to answer. He did so with a few in the video above, and many more in the article below.

Sean Curtis Armstrong: Dear Drew, This question comes all the way from Australia. Do we finally have an O-line that can protect Deshaun Watson or are we still missing pieces of the puzzle?
DD: Thanks for the question. The Texans definitely think they've improved the protection up front. The two tackles they drafted over the weekend have bright futures, and at minimum they'll bolster the competition level on the offensive line. Is it a finished product? Of course not. Houston's always going to try and upgrade the talent across the roster. But improvement there on the line, and better decision-making by Deshaun Watson will see the sacks total drop dramatically in 2019.

Ryan Brackenridge: Dear Drew, Why did the Texans not draft a RB in this draft? Are they confident they could find talent in UDFA pool or are we set on acquiring a player via trade?
DD: They honored the board, as general manager Brian Gaine would say. Each round, when their time came to pick, they went with the best player available. I think, however, they believe some of the undrafted free agents they signed will have a chance to impact the roster, and there's still plenty of time to sign other veteran free agents before or during training camp.

Roman McPeake: Dear Drew, How much of an impact do you see Charles Omenihu having early in the season? Omenihu going in the 5th round seems like a complete steal for the Texans!
DD: Yes Roman, the Texans were excited to see Omenihu available in the fifth. Because of how versatile he is, Omenihu has a shot at making an impact early. According to Gaine, his ability to play on the edge as well as a little close in make him an intriguing player on this defensive front.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Do you feel we can compete for a AFC south title after this draft?
DD: Absolutely. They were BEFORE the Draft as well. The season may have ended on a sour note against a team in the AFC South, but the Texans are always going to be a threat whenever Deshaun Watson is under center. The Colts are really good, but they're not not unbeatable.

Lori Wingard Bushnell: Dear Drew, I heard Deandre Hopkin's mother, Sabrina, will be the subject of a movie on surviving horrific attacks. Will Deandre participate in this movie and when will it come out?
DD: The movie's in the development stages right now, so they haven't started filming yet. Not sure if DeAndre will act in it, but he's definitely excited about the project. He's tweeted about it and in a statement said: "My mom has always put everyone before herself and sacrificed things unimaginable. Now it's time for people to see her true value and learn that giving up is not an option."

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, Which rookies do you think have the best chance to start and make an impact Week 1?
DD: The two linemen, Tytus Howard and Max Scharping, should definitely be in the mix early. They're extremely talented and have a chance at helping up front on the line. Look out for 7th-rounder Connor Gillaspia to have a chance at impacting special teams coverage early as well. He was outstanding at that in college.

Ant Brown: Dear Drew, is Carlos Watkins playing more this season? Is Will Fuller healthy?
DD: Watkins should get a chance to play more in 2019. He started six games and played in 12 as a rookie in 2017, but was inactive for much of 2018. He played in four games last year, but will likely get his shot for increased PT this fall. As for Fuller, it's looking good. No timetable on a return, but he should be ready to suit up for Week 1 at New Orleans.

Antonio Perez Junior Dear Drew. Do you see improvement in our offensive line this season? We did get two Tackles in the draft that I'll be looking forward to seeing get some plays in.
DD: Yes. The two rookies will be nice additions, but I think the line was on it's way to looking better in 2019 because of maturation. There were a lot of new faces up front last year, and I think another year in the system will serve them well. Throwing in a pair of talented linemen in Howard and Scharping should only accelerate the improvement process.

Geoffrey Wright: Dear Drew, How do you see former Northern Illinois University standout Max Scharping (55th Overall Pick-Second Round in 2019) fitting in to the Texans O-Line? He was very good during his time at NIU!
DD: Geoffrey, I'm very intrigued by Scharping. He's a mountain of a man, super-smart, durable and like you said: had a good college career. We'll see where exactly he plays in the NFL, but the future is bright with him and the Texans were excited he was available when they were picking in the second round.

Ramiro Rodriguez: Dear Drew, How much of a contribution do you think TE Kahale Warring will contribute to the offensive line as opposed to being a weapon for DW4?
DD: He's an athletic freak, Ramiro. He played basketball and water polo in high school. Gaine said he's a "good" blocker in the run game, but emphasized the physical skillset and how it could translate to the passing game. He definitely looks like he can be a weapon.

Check out the best shots from first-round pick and Texans tackle Tytus Howard's first day in Houston.

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