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The Leftovers: Playoffs, O-line and D'Onta Foreman

Drew Dougherty is the Host of Texans TV. He's worked for the Texans since 2009. In the video above he answered a few questions submitted via Twitter and Facebook from fans. In the article below, he answered quite a few more. If you have a question, send one to him**HERE**.

Colton Milstead: Dear Drew, Will we see D'Onta Foreman play sometime in the next 3 games?
DD: There's a pretty good chance of that, Colton. The Texans added him to the 53-man roster because they thought he'd be able to help the team at some point this season. So yes, I think we'll see Foreman on the field before the season ends.

Jonathon Lovil: Dear Drew, Why don't they let Martinas Rankin play a whole game at left guard for him to get better?
DD: Because they're trying to win games and they think Senio Kelemete is the better player. They do, however, think highly of Rankin's future.

SergioBecca Jaramillo: Dear Drew, With the injuries at receiver are the Texans looking for anyone on the free agent market?
DD: They're always aware of who's available, and if they think there's a receiver out there who would improve the offense, the Texans will try to sign him. As of right now, I don't think they'll sign any receivers.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans can win out the next 3 games and go 12-4?
DD: Sure, why not? They won nine in a row. Any team with Deshaun Watson at quarterback, the weapons around him on offense, and a stingy defense is capable of big things.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, After the offsides penalty on Jadeveon Clowney, how motivated do you feel the defense is to have a bounce back game?
DD: Eh, I don't think they're any more or less motivated than they normally are. Also, Bill O'Brien said the Texans didn't lose because of the Clowney penalty. He pointed to the offense's four 3-and-outs, the 199 receiving yards given up to T.Y. Hilton and the special teams as bigger reasons the Texans lost. The Jets offense is 30th in the NFL in yards per game, 30th in passing yards per game, and dead last in 3rd down percentage and red zone scoring percentage. Houston's defense could have a nice game Saturday.

Andrew Chase Turlington: Dear Drew, Why is Aaron Colvin not playing on defense?
DD: Defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel was asked about that on Wednesday. Colvin got injured and missed six games in the middle of the season. When he came back, Crennel said there was a mix in place that he didn't want to disrupt. I think, however, we'll see more of Colvin in the weeks ahead.

@Chris_Ketchem: Dear Drew, Unfortunately the first round bye is impossible in the playoffs but is it still possible to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs?
DD: Actually, if the Chiefs were to lose out and the Patriots were to lose once more, combined with two more Chargers losses, three Texans victories would give them the top seed in the AFC. Now, that's asking quite a bit. But, the one seed is still in play for the Texans.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Is the Mannequin still around? If so, what does it want for Christmas for doing such a great job?
DD: The mannequin is still around, and I don't think it wants anything for Christmas. Seems content with the Texans luchador mask it's wearing right now.

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