The Leftovers: Positions to address in free agency and draft

Drew Dougherty is the Host of Texans TV. On a weekly basis he answers a few questions from fans in his "Dear Drew" video. The ones that he can't get to, are answered below.

Matthew Garza: Dear Drew, What will the Texans target first in free agency?
DD: I'm pretty sure you'll see the Texans look to acquire a cornerback. Several are available, and right now, the ones under contract for 2020 are Gareon Conley, Lonnie Johnson, Junior, Cornell Armstrong, Keion Crossen and Anthony Chesley. Look for Houston to also add pieces to the pass rush, receiver, running back and offensive line.

Ryan Riffel: Dear Drew, Since the Combine is over, do you see anyone that is going to get a second look by the Texans that maybe didn't have their attention?
DD: It's more a matter of guys who got eliminated from potentially joining the team. Houston, and the rest of the NFL's scouting departments already know a lot about the prospects attending the Combine. The medical examinations the players went through, though, sometimes turn up conditions/injuries, etc., that cause a team to take a player off their board. With Pro Days starting up, the Texans will continue to fine-tune their boards, but there aren't really surprises anymore.

Clinton Polasek: Dear Drew, What do you think the will be the first position we draft and do you think the Texans will jump into the first round?
DD: While I think the Texans will sign a corner or two in free agency, I also think they could use the 57th overall pick on one as well. A pass rusher could go there, too. As far as moving into the first round, they'd likely have to give up quite a bit to move up there. Could they? Sure. Will they? Doubt it.

Roman McPeake: Dear Drew, Which players were you most surprised by during the NFL Combine?
DD: I didn't realize Wisconsin's Jonathan Taylor was THAT fast. Makes sense though, because nobody's that productive in college without having a lot of physical ability.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Is Joe Webb still on the team?
DD: As of now, yes. But he'll be an unrestricted free agent in the next few weeks. I know Bill O'Brien and the Texans like him, so I wouldn't be surprised if he signed back on with Houston this offseason.

Samantha Hallas: Hey Drew! Since the Rodeo officially started on Tuesday, what's your favorite food to eat at the carnival?
DD: Hey Sammy! Hmmm. Probably tamales. I'm a tamales fan.

Edwin Navarro: Dear Drew, I know this is a long shot in the dark and doubt it will happen but can yall please sign Isaiah Simmons?
DD: You gotta draft him first, and I doubt he'd be around at 57th overall. But he's an intriguing player for sure.

Clay Crawford: Dear Drew, Is it true Rich Eisen ran a faster time than you in the 40?
DD: It's false, because I've never run the 40. But if I did, it would probably be true, because I'm built for distance, not speed. But put us in a swimming pool...and I'll smoke him.

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