The Leftovers: Protection, Weapons, Accolades and more

Fans on Twitter and Facebook sent in questions for Drew Dougherty of Texans TV. He answered a few of them in the video above. He answered many more in the video below.

@956TXN: Dear Drew, I know we got a lot weapons on offense but why aren't we using the TEs more in the passing game? I think they only have 2 catches as a group so far.

DD: For the tight ends, I think you'll steadily see their numbers increase. Because of the way the team's been able to run the ball with Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson, and because they have a receiving quartet of DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, V, Kenny Stills and Keke Coutee, the targets have been spread around. But when they've been called upon this year, the tight ends have produced. Jordan Akins and Darren Fells have combined for four catches for 51 yards, and three of those catches earned the Texans a first down.

@1mikestreet1: Dear Drew, What is the BMW post game experience, and how do I get to participate?
DD: It's pretty awesome. For the fans who had suite tickets to a game, they get to go on the field after and run around, throw the football, kick it through the uprights, etc.

@MJtheTexan: DearDrew, Whitney Mercilus is deservedly getting some high praise for his talent on the field so far. Who do you think isn't getting the praise they probably should be?

DD: It's still incredibly early in the season. But through a pair of games, Carlos Hyde has 173 yards on 30 carries, and Duke Johnson's gone for 88 yards on 15 carries. That's 5.8 yards per, and if that holds up the Texans will win a lot of games this year.

@Hippokrampus: Dear Drew, What's your favorite Peter Gabriel song?

DD: Solsbury Hill. Yours?

@CSMenzies: DearDrew: The Texans players are always doing a lot for the community. What can the fans do to support the players and the amazing efforts they are putting forth?

DD: Great question. Most of the players help the Texans out with their connections to the Houston Food Bank, the Houston Texans YMCA, and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston. You should come to the Taste of the Texans event or the Running of the Bulls 5K if you want to get involved that way.

Nick Battista: Dear Drew, not a question but just got my birthday present today and got tickets to the Texans vs Falcons game. So excited especially because I live 1750 miles away.

DD: Sweet, Nick. Hope you have a lot of fun. That's Founders Day, and the Texans will induct Bob McNair in the Texans Ring of Honor. It's October 6, which is cool, because he was awarded the franchise from the NFL on that date in 1999. In Atlanta, no less.

Marcos Castelan: Dear Drew: With Carlos Hyde getting most of the snaps on Sunday, what do you think are the chances he because the number 1 back?

DD: Based on his carries and output, and the fact he's started the first two games, Hyde's been the number one back. The Texans haven't made any declarations about who the number one back is, but they definitely like the duo of Hyde and Johnson.

Simon Horne: Dear Drew, How is Joe Webb is recovering from injury ? Are you making the trip to London for week 9 game?

DD: We haven't heard much about Joe, but I think his rehab is coming along fine. We've seen him and some of the other injured players in the building here and there. I will definitely be in London and I'm looking forward to it.

@Medwardz11: Dear Drew, How is the o-line preparing for the match against the Chargers?

DD: It'll be a tough one, as Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram are really hard to block. The Texans will need to keep communicating well up front and gelling as a unit. You have to remember: it was the first NFL start for both left guard Tytus Howard and right tackle Roderick Johnson. It was Laremy Tunsil's second start as a Texan. All things considered, they did a solid job up front.

Debbie Bobo Kunkel Kerschen: Dear Drew, Do you see the Texans hiring an offensive coach so OB can just be head coach?

DD: I don't Debbie, because they promoted Tim Kelly to offensive coordinator in the offseason. O'Brien's said in the past that play-calling is a collaborative effort, so maybe at some point he might shift some of his responsibilities to Tim. But I don't think you'll see the Texans bring in a new coach during the season.

Shannon Budaus Dear Drew, When players are traded to a divisional team during the season, do the plays get changed up a bit just in case that player let them in on the Texans game plans?

DD: While the Texans don't typically trade for a player in season, many times they'll sign free agents who've recently been on other teams' rosters. On the other hand, players that the Texans cut often end up on the roster of a team they'll soon play. The signals, signs and verbiage will sometimes get tweaked when they know an opponent has a former Texan on the roster who might be able to tip off the new team.

Mike Ledesma: Dear Drew, Who is playing opposite of Merci??? And do you see that person keeping the job the whole year?

DD: So far, it's been Brennan Scarlett. The Texans have started each of the last two games with a nickel defense, so a fifth defensive back has been on the field in place of a second outside linebacker. But when Scarlett's been in, he's done a solid job. He signed a new deal right before the season started.

John Terrell: Dear Drew, What are your predictions for the AFC South ahead of the Thursday game? Who do you think will be our toughest competition for division champ?

DD: It's a tight division. The Jaguars and Titans are on TNF, and both teams got gut-punched on Sunday. The Colts, meanwhile, are 1-1 and hosting the Falcons this Sunday. Because of Watson, I like the Texans' chances the most, but as we saw last weekend, it's a dogfight when Houston faces a divisional opponent.

Nick Battista: Dear Drew, When will J.J. Watt not be double-teamed?

DD: When he retires, which I hope is a long time from now. He's one of the greatest to ever play the game, and other teams know it. They know he can wreck a game plan and send two and sometimes three blockers at him on almost every play.

Houston Texans Fans come out to NRG Stadium for the first home game of the 2019 NFL season against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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