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The Leftovers: Roster chatter, TE's, O-line, more

Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions in the video above. He answered a bunch more in the article below. Have you eaten your daily assortment of fruit?

Kevin Stone: Dear Drew, How many players are currently on the roster? Are we to the point we have to drop someone to sign someone? Do we have room to pick up roster casualties from other teams?
DD: Kevin, right now there are 80 on roster. BUT, that doesn't include the undrafted rookies. The team will announce who they are next week, when they're in for the rookie minicamp. The 80 is composed of the veterans on the roster and the eight draft picks from last weekend.

David Valdillez: Dear Drew, When will the Draft come to Houston?
DD: David, it won't be next year. But as early as 2020 we could see it here. The NFL's moved it around the last few years. In 2015 and 2016 it was in Chicago after it went down in New York City for decades. 2017 saw a move to Philadelphia, and then it was in Arlington this year. Houston's expressed an interest in hosting it, and with the success of the Super Bowl last year, there's a good chance we could see the NFL Draft here in the near future. 

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, Which home game on the schedule are you most excited to see?
DD: Dallas. Sorry for not being original, Samantha, but I'm looking forward to the Sunday-nighter against the Cowboys. They've not beaten Dallas since the franchise-opener in 2002.

Nick Battista: Dear Drew, Will either tight end that we picked up fight for a starting job?
DD: Every draft pick, regardless of position, will "fight" for a starting job. But I don't think either will unseat Ryan Griffin as a starter in 2018. Jordan Akins and Jordan Thomas, though, are very intriguing prospects and may very well become starters in the future. I'm pretty sure they'll contribute this year, but I don't see them starting this season over Griffin and Stephen Anderson.

Luis Sanchez: Dear Drew, Who do you think the Texans wouldve drafted if they had their 1st Round pick?
DD: Fascinating question, Luis. Let's assume the first three picks remained Baker Mayfield, Saquon Barkley and Sam Darnold. That would've left the Texans with a lot of intriguing possibilities. A pass-rusher like Nick Chubb would make sense, as would've cornerback Denzel Ward, who went fourth this year. Offensive lineman Quenton Nelson is projected to be a top-tier guard for a long time in the NFL.  I think the Texans would've gone with Chubb or Nelson, ultimately.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, When will the themes and uniform combinations for each game be released?
DD: Most likely in the middle of July. That's when it's been released the past four seasons.

Chris Royal: Dear Drew, With such enormously high ratings with the draft on regular TV, shouldn't the NFL find a way to get MNF back on ABC for the millions of fans w/o cable?
DD: I suppose that could happen, but if ESPN or some other non-over-the-air network pays more money for the broadcasting rights, why wouldn't the NFL take those dollars?

Nick Battista: Dear Drew, What's going on with Dez Bryant? Will we be picking him up?
DD: I don't think the Texans will sign him. Pretty sure the Texans like the receiving corps they have after the Draft.

Chris Royal: Dear Drew, 2-part question: Why did we pass on ORLANDO BROWN? I Thought he could have been our LT for the next 10 yrs. Where does Martinas Rankin play?
DD: The Texans didn't take Brown because they liked safety Justin Reid and Rankin better. Reid went 68th overall, Rankin was 80th overall, and Brown was the 83rd pick in the Draft. Rankin will likely play tackle, but is capable of playing anywhere on the line, according to GM Brian Gaine.

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