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The Leftovers: ?'s about Q, Cunningham, roster

*Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions in the video above. He answered a bunch more in the article below. Don't forget that a kind word can go a long way sometimes.

Mary Smoley-Warstler: Dear Drew, Are y'all going to let JJ PLAY this year or is he going to coach for you. Again!!? Let him play or he will leave!! He's too young to coach!! He's a PLAYER!!
DD: Do what?

Jalen Johnson: Dear Drew, What do you expect out of Zach Cunningham coming into his second year with the Texans?
DD: Great question, Jalen. I think he'll be even better in 2018 than he was as a rookie. And he was really good in 2017. Zach was second on the team in total tackles last year, and tied for third on the squad in pass breakups. Both those totals should rise this year, and I think with the return of Watt and Whitney Mercilus, along with the addition of Tyrann Mathieu, and the continued high level of play from Jadeveon Clowney, Cunningham will have plenty of chances to be more disruptive in the offensive backfield.

Alfredo Portillo: Dear Drew I need your help once again which jersey would you get between Deshaun Watson or DeAndre Hopkins?
DD: Battle Red, or the new color rush Deep Steel Blues are my favorites. Get a Watson one in one of those, and a Hopkins one in another.

Donna Panter Villarreal: Dear Drew, Does David Quessenberry have a better shot at making the 53 man roster this season?
DD: Donna, he'll certainly be in the mix. He wound up on the field for the final two games of last year, and he played solidly in a few different spots along the offensive line. David's a highly motivated guy, and should be ready to rock once things get started. We saw him a few weeks ago and he looked great and was excited about the season to come.

Andy Canales: Dear Drew, You think the Texans will sign Adrian Peterson?
DD: Andy, I'm hedging towards no. It wouldn't stun me if they did, but I think they'd prefer to grab a back in the Draft later this month. But, Peterson does have a connection here, with his gym in the Heights.

Armando Oceguera: Dear Drew, I'm living in Santiago Chile for a few months, few people know football here, Do you know any Texan fan here?? I want to know more fans all over the world. Saludos amigo.
DD:  Mosco! I'm not aware off-hand of any Chileans who are Texans fans but surely there are some. I'll send something out on Twitter to see...

Stephen Reyes: Dear Drew, How long does Watt have left?
DD: As long as he wants, Stephen. If I know one thing, it's this: I'll never bet against J.J. Watt. That dude's done things on the football field that I'd never seen before from his position. He's capable of anything, including a knee injury comeback.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Can you explain how the new cut down will work from 90 to 53 players?
DD: It's actually not too different from before. There just won't be the cut from 90 to 75 as there has been in the past. Now, on September 1, the 90 will get sliced to 53.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Will the new special teams coach also help with game management like he did in Oakland?
DD: Brad Seely will certainly be in charge of special teams, but as far as "game management", that's up to head coach Bill O'Brien. I imagine Seely will have ideas that are helpful, and O'Brien might consult him. Former Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio spoke publicly about leaning on Seely for game management and game decisions, so he definitely has some experience in that regard. 

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