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The List: 5 traits that make a leader

Leadership traits vary.

After Friday's practice at NRG Stadium, Bill O'Brien was asked about his players, and what separates the leaders from the pack.

The Texans head coach listed five key characteristics he considered. Here they are, in his exact words.

  1. "I don't think you're talking about a guy that's necessarily a big speech giver."
  1. "I think you're talking about a guy that consistently does his job day in and day out."
  1. "He's here every day at the same time."
  1. "He prepares each and every day the same way. Whether it's in the training room, or the weight room, or in the film room or out on the practice field or in the walkthroughs."
  1. "It's a guy that takes a very consistent approach, so that when he's out there on the game field on Sunday, he's very productive."


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