The offense adjusted, new players and trades | The Leftovers

Debbie Bobo Kunkel Kerschen: Dear Drew, What are your thoughts on the players the Texans have picked up?
DD: Debbie! I hope you're doing great and on the mend. I'm intrigued by the receiving corps and how Brandin Cooks will impact it. The Texans are a lot faster there, and he should make a big impact and help free things up for Will Fuller, V, Kenny Stills and the rest. Defensively, I can't wait to see what Ross Blacklock and Jonathan Greenard can do to help disrupt opposing offensive lines.

Kevin Stone: Dear Drew, Brandin Cooks previously played for the Saints, Patriots, and Rams. Does this previous experience translate well to the Texans offense or has Bill O'Brien changed his offense enough from the Patriots style to where he still has a learning curve? Will this help him in the shortened off-season / training camp get on the same page with Watson quicker?
DD: Fantastic question, Kevin, and I hope you and the family are staying safe during all this. Cooks is somebody who has a great relationship with Jack Easterby, and is certainly a culture fit here in Houston. On the field, he could be another explosive weapon for Deshaun Watson. You're right: it's another new offense for him, but the terminology is similar to what he learned in New England, and the fact that he's a veteran should help him acclimate to game speed a lot better than a rookie would. He's been working with his teammates, virtually, over the last week or so, and seems confident he and the offense will be able to put some points on the board in 2020.

Alejandro Mazal: Dear Drew, Bill O'Brien has said he isn't done signing new players. Which free agent do you think is most likely to join the team? I'm hoping for Logan Ryan (at a reasonable price).
DD: Ryan is a name that certainly makes sense, as he's got the Patriots background and also played most recently for a division rival in the Titans. Your "reasonable price" add-on at the end is the part that'll bear watching, as the Texans front office will have a value placed on a player. Whether that value is too rich for the salary cap maneuverings in the years to come will determine who comes and who goes.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Do you see all current WR on the roster making it into camp or do you think there will possibly be more trades?
DD: I don't see the Texans trading any wideouts before camp. I think they like who they have currently, and want to see how the competition goes once camp comes along. Remember: injuries happen and you don't want a proverbial 'empty cupboard' before the season gets going.

Aaron Lee Christopher: Do you think this is finally our year?
DD: Aaron, I apologize if this is a tired answer, long as Watson is healthy, the Texans will ALWAYS have a chance in any game. He's got two full seasons of starting experience, plus a half-season from his rookie year, and he's continuing to get better. I'm excited and optimistic for the year and years ahead with him under center.

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