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The Texans will have a brand new 'locker' of uniforms in 2024. What exactly does that mean?

A January 13th, 2024 image from the Playoffs Wildcard game against the Cleveland Browns at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX.
A January 13th, 2024 image from the Playoffs Wildcard game against the Cleveland Browns at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX.

The Texans will wear as many different jerseys in 2024 as they have in the franchise's first 22 years combined.

Next week, four new, fan-inspired uniforms will be released. Each uniform reflects feedback given by H-Town's faithful over 10,000 surveys, plus input from our dedicated fan council, local influencers, Texans Legends, and current players. When Texans Chair and CEO Cal McNair set out to fearlessly evolve the organization, he gave his leadership team a charter: Find out what our fans want and what it takes to deliver it to them. The fans were clear: Update our uniforms to make them more H-Town but don't lose our beloved traditions. Houston is a proud, diverse town and fans were unlikely to settle on a single direction for the uniforms. Still, there was a unique opportunity to create something for everyone because the NFL allows teams to create multiple uniforms and helmets to fill out what they call their 'locker.'

What is the NFL Locker

Each NFL team has a primary home and away jersey, and they can mix those jerseys with different pant colors. For a maximum of three games during the regular season, teams can wear alternate, classic, or color rush uniforms, and since 2022 they can choose to wear an alternate color helmet with those alternate uniforms.

Teams going through uniform redesigns ahead of the 2024 season were given the opportunity to add a third helmet to their locker, though it still must be worn with an alternate, classic, or color rush uniform. As one of the teams redesigning uniforms for 2024, the Texans have the option to add a third helmet this season. But it's important to remember – both the second and third helmet options can only be worn with alternate, classic, and color rush uniforms. The home and away unis? Primary helmet only.

Looking back at the Texans Locker

Rewind to their first year of play in 2002, and the Texans had two uniforms: Deep Steel Blue jerseys and Liberty White pants for home games at NRG Stadium, and Deep Steel Blue pants with Liberty White tops for road contests. The helmet was the classic Deep Steel Blue still worn regularly today.

Battle Red jerseys were added in 2003, and 2017 saw the addition of the Deep Steel Blue 'Color Rush' uniforms. Then, in 2022, the Texans dropped the now-iconic Battle Red Helmets, which could be worn with the Battle Red or color rush uniforms. Last season, Head Coach DeMeco Ryans' team wore Battle Red uniforms and helmets twice. They paired the color rush unis and Battle Red helmet together one time as well, maxing out the number of times they could wear alternate and color rush options.

The team will have the option to wear alternate jerseys three times again in 2024, but now they will have brand new, soon-to-be-released versions to choose from. Plus, if they add a third helmet to the mix, the team's locker will offer a lot of possible combinations of jerseys, pants, and helmets.

The bottom line? The Texans locker already offered many options. And in 2024 the team's fan-inspired uniforms mean everyone in H-Town should be ready for some looks they love on the field.

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