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Third week of OTA's underway


The Texans will also practice on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Another step: The Texans returned to the Methodist Training Center Tuesday following a four day break for the Memorial Day weekend. There were some rough spots Tuesday, but the rust was quickly knocked off.

Part of the problem might have been thin installation of new offensive and defensive sets including goal line formations. The offense also tinkered with the shotgun formation and the two-minute drill.

"Just trying to teach a little bit each day and add a little bit," head coach Gary Kubiak said. "We'll get into two-minute and those types of things. We've just got to teach all our situations so that when they leave here in a few weeks they are ready for training camp."

Okoye update: First-round draft pick Amobi Okoye continues to improve. If Okoye is going to bring one thing to the defensive line this year, it's a rush up the middle. In that area, Okoye has been as advertised according to Kubiak.

"The thing he's doing is he's showing he can rush the passer, which is the thing that stood out about him coming out of school," Kubiak said. "You look for an inside player that can rush the passer and he's shown that everyday out here."

As you might expect, the 19-year old defensive tackle does have some work to do.

"The thing he's got to catch up on is holding the point, the run game, those big bodies coming down hill on him," Kubiak said. "But, he's doing a good job and he's been in there from day one being put in a starting position, so to speak, and he's handled it like a trooper. He's a mature above his years. We're trying to keep him going and get him better."

A Jones for consistency: Third-round draft pick Jacoby Jones has looked sensational at times during OTA's. However, he's lacking a consistency that his coach would like to see from one of his new receivers.

"As you can see and watch, he makes some great plays and then he misses the next two," Kubiak said. "That's a rookie. He's just got to get to where he is consistent."

Jones isn't in the dog house by any stretch of the imagination. More likely, he was suffering from a lack on concentration Tuesday after his first time off in months.

"He's very talented and he belongs and he fits in and it hasn't been too big for him," Kubiak said of Jones. "We've just got to settle him down to where he's making all of them instead of making a few of them. But he's a very talented young man."

Taylor taking on all challenges: After gaining 99 yards in the 2006 season finale, the sky appeared to be the limit for Chris Taylor. However, he currently finds himself in a log jam with a talented group of running backs.

To try to capitalize on any opportunity to play, Taylor has been seeing limited time at fullback.

"(Jameel Cook) is down right now so if something were to happen to (Vonta) Leach then I could go in and play," Taylor said Tuesday.

He's using his efforts against the Browns last year to drive his efforts for more playing time.

"It just gave me the motivation that I can come in here and play in this league," Taylor said of his career day. "I have a lot of motivation and I'm just ready to go and ready for training camp."

Even with confidence comes some frustration, true of any competitor. Most players coming off of career days in the previous season final would be slated for heavy playing time the following year. That's not necessarily the case for Taylor

"Yeah, it's a little frustrating, but it's motivating too," Taylor said. "I try to learn as much as I can from those guys and when it's my time to shine, I have to shine."

Mathis out: Jerome Mathis was noticeably absent from Tuesday's workout. After Mathis missed Thursday's workout with a strained hamstring, there was a concern that his absence Tuesday was related to that injury.

It was not.

"Jerome is not here today," Kubiak told reporters Tuesday. "Jerome Mathis lost his father on Saturday morning. He is back at home in Virginia with his family and obviously our thoughts and prayers are with him."

A healthy Mathis, at least physically, is expected back at practice next week.

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