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Tight Ends | John Harris' 2022 Position Breakdown

The Texans tight ends have had some bright moments over the past few seasons, but since C.J. Fiedorowicz retired in 2017 due to injuries, the Texans have yearned to find THAT impactful player at the position. As a result, the Texans drafted two tight ends in 2018, one in 2019, one in 2021 and one in 2022. Heading into 2022, though, there's promise amongst this group of tight ends and it would behoove this Texans offense to find a truly reliable weapon in the passing game to complement this potentially dynamic group of receivers. Let's take a look at the tight end group as we near the players' break before training camp.

Returning players from 2021 squad (in order of snaps played in 2021)

Pharaoh Brown - 605 snaps (56.8% of total snaps)
Brown is the elder statesman of the tight end corps, having arrived in 2020. That also shows how this tight end room has been recycled over the last 24 months or less. When it comes to flashes, the ones that we see from Brown are darn near lightning strikes. He can do so much as a blocker and as a receiver but refining those skills, being more consistent at all times will serve Brown, and in turn, serve the Texans well in 2022.

Antony Auclair - 316 snaps (29.6% of total snaps)
Auclair was brought into the fold for the Texans last year about this time after playing for the 2020 Super Bowl Champs in Tampa. He was utilized mostly as a rough and rugged blocking tight end, but he did have an outstanding TD catch against the Patriots in week five. I wouldn't expect much to change for Auclair in 2022 as he fills a valuable need in this tight end group. If the Texans indeed plan on improving the run game, it could mean a bit more 12 personnel, which could mean more snaps for Auclair to aid in that run game improvement. 

Brevin Jordan - 232 snaps (21.8% of total snaps)
The 2021 5th rounder made his presence known over the last half of the 2021 season. He was active in a game for the first time against the Rams and caught his first NFL TD late in that same game. He continued to improve with more snaps on the field and finished the year with 20 catches in just those nine games. His presence gave many fans and followers hope that the athletically gifted youngster from Las Vegas had much more to show in the 2022 and beyond. He told us on radio at the Draft that he wanted to improve his blocking and become a three down tight end that is used in all facets. If he can get to that level, look out.

2022 Veterans Additions

Darrell Daniels - formerly of the Arizona Cardinals
Daniels was signed late in the offseason process, but was able to be a full participant in the Texans offseason practices. In Arizona last year, he was an occasional starter, starting four games and playing in 15 as a fifth year veteran.

2022 Rookie Addition

Teagan Quitoriano - Oregon State - 6th Round, #170 overall
Here's my Harris 100 Scouting Report on Quitoriano:_ "(Sprague HS in Salem, OR) Studying B.J. Baylor, the Beavers UNDERRATED running back, my eyes kept coming back to Quitoriano at tight end. His blocking skills stood out more than anything. His get off on the snap is impressive. He'll fire into the chest of the 6, 7 or 9-tech in his vicinity. The Beavers used him on Y-insert ISO plays. He's physical and he's a solid weapon in the receiving game as well. He's not going to be Travis Kelce and more of a run down threat at this point because of his blocking. But, he's a commodity because of his blocking and there aren't many of those types in this draft class. Dude was a heck of a hooper back in high school as well. Now, he played like the tight end that he is, physical, drive to the bucket, but the quickness and first step were solid. He's going to need to use more of that as a pass receiver going forward. He was just a bull in a china shop on his pass routes. Against Oregon in 2021, he didn't even attempt to avoid collisions as he went vertical. He just ran right into a LB. No shake. No. move. Nothing other than his sheer power making contact like he did in the post playing hoops._

Seth Green - Houston (Minnesota) - UDFA
Late in the draft process, the University of Houston had its Pro Day and I will always go out of my way to get over to campus to see it. Well, I'm glad that I did in 2022, for numerous reasons, and one of those was Green. He originally signed with the Minnesota Golden Gophers as a multi-dimensional QB and expanded on his role at Minnesota with time at TE, WR and Wildcat QB. Then, in 2021, he decided to transfer back to the state of Texas, enrolling at the University of Houston. He didn't wow anyone with his numbers in the passing game (13 catches in 13 games), but he did make an impact for the Cougar offense. Then, he CRUSHED that Pro Day in nearly every single aspect. There's still a rawness to his game at the tight end position, specifically, and I'm not totally convinced that he'll turn into a tremendous in-line blocker. That said, he's super-athletic, has excellent hands and could be a major factor after the catch as well.

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