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Houston Texans

Tim Dobbins checks out OK after neck injury


Texans inside linebacker Tim Dobbins was released from the hospital after suffering a neck injury in Sunday's victory over the Miami Dolphins. He is expected to return to practice on Wednesday.

Dobbins, a seventh-year veteran, is the Texans' special teams captain and a key backup on defense. He was the team's biggest injury concern coming out of Week 1.

"Dobbins is out of the hospital, doing good," Kubiak said on Monday. "He ran with the team today. All indications are he's back on the field Wednesday; just got a real good shot. His neck was bothering him a little bit, but everything looks fine."

Kubiak said the Texans did not have any other injury concerns from the Dolphins game. Linebackers Brian Cushing and Bryan Braman both practiced on Monday. Cushing was hit hard while making an interception in the second quarter against Miami, while Braman was inactive because of a hamstring injury.

"Braman is actually back to work today, should be ready to go on Wednesday," Kubiak said. "We're fine. We came out pretty good."

The Texans will return to practice on Wednesday in preparation for their Week 2 road game at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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