TORO's Texans Trivia

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  1. Who was the first player selected by the Houston Texans in their inaugural rookie draft (2002)?**

A. David Carr

B. Aaron Glenn

C. Jason Babin

D. Domanick Davis

2. What other city was bidding for the 32nd NFL franchise?

A. Chicago

B. Toronto

C. Las Vegas

D. Los Angeles

3. What team did the Texans beat for their first regular season victory?

A. Tennessee Titans

B. Miami Dolphins

C. Dallas Cowboys

D. Jacksonville Jaguars

4. What team did the Texans beat for their first preseason victory?

A. New Orleans Saints

B. Dallas Cowboys

C. Seattle Seahawks

D. Washington Redskins

5. What was the Texans final record for 2002?


A. 5-11

B. 4-12

C. 2-14

D. 7-9

6. Who was the Texans first head coach?

A. Dom Capers

B. Don Shula

C. Bum Phillips

D. Bill Parcells

7. Who was the first player the Texans selected in the expansion draft?

A. Tony Boselli

B. Aaron Glenn

C. Kailee Wong

D. Chester Pitts

8. What was the record setting cost of the Houston expansion franchise?

A. $500 million

B. $700 million

C. $900 million

D. $1.1 billion

9. What were the final 2 proposed nicknames that were not selected to be the Texans' official name?

A. Apollos and Stallions

B. Comets and Apollos

C. Steers and Lone Stars

D. Lone Stars and Oilers

10. The Texans won their inaugural regular season game. Who was the last team to accomplish this feat?

A. Buffalo Bills

B. Seattle Seahawks

C. Minnesota Vikings

D. Carolina Panthers

11. Who scored the Texans first ever touchdown?

A. Billy Miller

B. Domanick Davis

C. David Carr

D. Corey Bradford

12. Who had the Texans' first 100-yard receiving game?

A. Corey Bradford

B. Andre Johnson

C. Jabar Gaffney

D. Derick Armstrong

13. What date was Houston granted their NFL franchise?

A. October 6, 2001

B. September 20, 1999

C. October 6, 1999

D. September 20, 2000


  1. What college did quarterback David Carr attend?**

A. Rice

B. Ohio University

C. University of Southern California

D. Fresno State

15. Who were the first Texans to be selected for the Pro Bowl?

A. Aaron Glenn and Gary Walker

B. Andre Johnson and Domanick Davis

C. David Carr and Andre Johnson

D. Aaron Glenn and Chester Pitts

16. What company purchased the Texans' stadium naming rights in 2000?

A. Reliant Energy

B. Gallery Furniture

C. Coca-Cola

D. Ford

17. What Super Bowl was hosted by the Texans?





18. When Houston hosted the Super Bowl in 2004, it marked the second time that the city hosted the event. When was the first time?

A. 1979 Super Bowl XII at Rice Stadium

B. 1974 Super Bowl VIII at Rice Stadium

C. 1986 Super Bowl XIX at the Astrodome

D. 1993 Super Bowl XXVI at the Astrodome

19. Who was hired as the Texans first offensive coordinator?

A. Vic Fangio

B. Dom Capers

C. Charley Casserly

D. Chris Palmer

20. Who was hired as the Texans first defensive coordinator?

A. Vic Fangio

B. Dom Capers

C. Chris Palmer

D. Charley Casserly

21. Who was the first player traded by the Houston Texans?

A. Danny Wuerffel

B. Aaron Glenn

C. Jamie Sharper

D. Charlie Rogers

22. What former Texans player is a former Heisman trophy winner?

A. Gino Toretta

B. Aaron Glenn

C. Danny Wuerffel

D. Rashaan Salaam


  1. Who scored the Texans' first points ever (pre-season included)?**

A. Billy Miller

B. Kris Brown

C. Domanick Davis

D. David Carr

24. Who did the Texans play in the first-ever game at Reliant Stadium?

A. Miami Dolphins

B. Dallas Cowboys

C. Washington Redskins

D. Cleveland Browns

25. On December 8, 2002 vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Texans broke the NFL record for the fewest offensive yards gained in a victory. How many yards did they gain in that record setting game?

A. 92 yards

B. 47 yards

C. 66 yards

D. 84 yards

26. How many touchdown passes did Texans receiver Andre Johnson catch in his three seasons at the University of Miami?

A. 22

B. 12

C. 34

D. 28

27. What Texans player received NFL Rookie of the Year honors in 2003-2004?

A. Antwan Peek

B. Corey Bradford

C. Domanick Davis

D. Dunta Robinson

28. Who was the first team to be shutout by the Houston Texans?

A. Tennessee Titans

B. Dallas Cowboys

C. Pittsburgh Steelers

D. Jacksonville Jaguars

29. What is the name of the Texans mascot?



C. Steer

D. Texas Ted

30. What was the first penalty called against the Texans?

A. Holding

B. Delay of Game

C. False Start

D. Offsides

31. What is the seating capacity of Reliant Stadium?

A. 69,500

B. 55,000

C. 76,000

D. 82,500

32. Which stadium was the first NFL stadium with a retractable roof?

A. Reliant Stadium

B. The Metrodome

C. The Superdome

D. Qwest Field

33. What is the longest touchdown in Texans club history?

A. 89 yards

B. 94 yards

C. 102 yards

D. 98 yards

34. Who scored the longest touchdown in Texans club history?

A. Marcus Coleman

B. Corey Bradford

C Marlon McCree

D. Andre Johnson

35. Who is the Texans all-time leading scorer?

A. Andre Johnson

B. Domanick Davis

C. Kris Brown

D. Corey Bradford


  1. Who is the Texans rookie scoring leader?**

A. Domanick Davis

B. Kris Brown

C. Andre Johnson

D. Derick Armstrong

37. What is the longest completed pass in Texans club history?

A. 90 yards

B. 81 yards

C. 94 yards

D. 86 yards

38. What is the highest single game rushing total for a Texans running back?

A. 118 yards

B. 224 yards

C. 136 yards

D. 158 yards

39. Who has the highest single game rushing total as an opposing running back against the Texans?

A. Rudi Johnson

B. Edgerrin James

C. Eddie George

D. Fred Taylor

40. Who is the Texans career leader in receiving yards?

A. Jabar Gaffney

B. Corey Bradford

C. Andre Johnson

D. LaTarence Dunbar

ANSWER KEY:1) A; 2) D; 3) C; 4) A; 5) B; 6) A; 7) A; 8) B; 9) A; 10) C; 11) A; 12) A; 13) C; 14) D; 15) A; 16) A; 17) A; 18) B; 19) D; 20) A; 21) A; 22) C; 23) B; 24) A; 25) B; 26) A; 27) C; 28) D; 29) A; 30) B; 31) A; 32) A; 33) C; 34) A; 35) C; 36) A; 37) B; 38) D; 39) A; 40) C

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