Tropical Storm Bill makes Bill O'Brien change plans

Bill was changed by Bill.

Head coach Bill O'Brien had to alter the team's schdedule on Tuesday because of Tropical Storm Bill.

The Texans were scheduled to start their Tuesday minicamp practice at 10:30 a.m. But because of the fear of afternoon flooding, O'Brien moved it a couple hours ahead to 8 a.m.

"I'm certainly not a meteorologist," O'Brien said. "I try to be a football coach. When I looked at the radar, it looked like this thing was coming pretty quickly. So I felt like we needed to get good work in, so what I told the players was be on the alert this afternoon."

Safety was the first order of business, in O'Brien's mind.

"They're done for the day now," O'Brien said. "I want them to get home in case the rain really hits us so they're home and not having to drive through a potential flood."

The Texans are scheduled to practice again on Wednesday at the Houston Methodist Training Center. Tuesday they were indoors there. O'Brien said the team will be updated on any schedule changes, and he told them to "be on alert".

O'Brien, general manager Rick Smith, vice president of football operations Doug West, and director of security Emmett Baylor all get the messages to the players when situations like the storm arise.


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