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Turkey time

While the Texans have faced their fair share of adversity this season, they won't let those troubles follow them off the field.

Running back Jonathan Wells and strong safety C.C. Brown spent Tuesday afternoon serving a pre-Thanksgiving meal to the children at the Jim and Barbara Morefield Boys and Girls Club ([



"That's what this season is all about," Wells said of serving dinner to the children.  "It's about being thankful for everything we have, and doing everything we can to make others feel the same."

With a constant flow of kids through the dinner line, rookie safety C.C. Brown had to focus to keep up with them.  While everyone wanted the stuffing Wells was serving, Brown's carrots were a much harder sell. 

"There might have been a point in my life where I didn't want the carrots," Brown said.  "But I eat them now and the kids should, too."

And they did.  They ate their well-balanced holiday meals, and were rewarded with a piece of chocolate cake and milk.  They know the importance of eating nutritious meals if they want to grow up strong and healthy.    

The children are involved with the Houston Food Bank's Kids Café program.  The Texans were introduced to the program by quarterback Tony Banks' wife, Yolanda, three years ago, and have established a close relationship with Kids Café as they are eager to contribute to it's mission. 

One of the largest national nutrition education programs in the United States, Kids Café provides children with the nourishment and healthy diet tips they may not otherwise receive.  

Launched locally by a coalition of area chefs, dietitians, students and volunteers, Houston's Kids Café not only provides nutritious meals in safe surroundings, but it also provides hands-on nutrition education to help foster healthy lifestyles. 

Tens of thousands of children go to bed hungry each night, and the Houston Food Bank and the Texans have worked together to do what they can to reduce those numbers.  Children need proper nutrition to grow, and Kids Café, Wells and Brown helped them on that path this Tuesday. 

The Texans will host a food drive at all main entrances at Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Fans are encouraged to bring food or make donations to help feed even more hungry people this Thanksgiving season.

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