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Houston Texans

Vandermeer's View: Texans vs. Titans

So what do we make of this? 

Two games, two walk-off wins. Domination in yards gained and allowed yet tight scores and second half deficits.

Style points mean nothing. And if entertainment means anything, the Texans are leading the league. They are gritty, tough, tenacious and relentless. And they haven't even come close to putting it all together.

Worried about peaking early?   Don't look here. Concerned about them feeling invincible? That's not happening.

The Texans know they haven't played their best. But they do know that they are never out of a game. They also know the schedule is about to toughen up.

Matt Schaub said he almost cost the team a win with the pick-6 in the fourth quarter. But he rallied and trusted his wide receivers to make huge plays. If you thought DeAndre Hopkins was impressive in his debut, the encore was spectacular. His performance on the final drive was memorable and set the tone for future opportunities.

Speaking of trust, Gary Kubiak's call to hand off to Arian Foster was gutsy and controversial. Had it not worked, it would be a classic second guess.

The Good...

The defense was suffocating at times. J.J. Watt was 'back' with two sacks and Brian Cushing was a monster with a career best two sacks.

Ben Tate had a 60 yard run and Arian Foster came alive in crunch time with a 'touch and a two.'

Hopkins - Take a bow, Rick Smith. This was certainly the right pick.

Andre Johnson - (see all previous comments of praise for the club's best-ever player)

Schaub - He made the plays when he had to.

Shane Lechler - Have you ever enjoyed watching a punter work? With Lechler, it's part of the show.

Needs work...

Yes the 'D' held the Titans to 14 points, really. Ten other points were a result of a pick 6 and point blank field goal range after a pick. But the Tennessee 99 yard drive to surrender the lead was a bit of a head scratcher considering how the Bulls were dealing in the second half.

Running game - At the end of the day, the yards look good and there were some big plays but Rick Dennison told me there were plenty of yards left on the field at San Diego and I have a feeling the same comment is coming up this week.

Schaub - He fell on the sword, taking the blame for the second half interception. Nobody's perfect. I saw Drew Brees throw a pick-6 against Tampa Bay, but Schaub knows you're not going to overcome this on a regular basis.

Randy Bullock - Is he ever going to get an attempt inside of 40 yards? The saving grace of the misses is that they've all been from long range. He clearly has the leg. This is a work in progress.

Pass protection - It's not like it was a sack-fest but it wasn't pretty against the aggressive Titans looks. Houston again got a lot of yardage but you feel like Schaub being consistently under duress in a home game is going to be heavily addressed by the coaching staff.

Now it's off to Baltimore. The Ravens were blown out in Denver and played a tight game with Cleveland. How this one will play out is as mysterious as most NFL weekends. The Texans have yet to really get clicking and will get all they can handle in one of the toughest places to play in the league.

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