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Wade Phillips mixing things up for Denver

The defense plans to challenge Peyton Manning on Sunday by mixing up coverages, playing a combination of zone and man. Getting pressure on Manning will also be key, according to interim head coach Wade Phillips.

"We're going to play zone some, we're going to mix it up to try to give him as difficult a time as we can," Phillips said. "I think the pass rush is going to be the key. How much pressure you can get on a guy. You know, they have a good offensive line. He throws it quickly a lot, but sometimes he just holds the ball back there until somebody gets open and then he finds them."

Manning, who has thrown for a team-record 47 touchdowns this season, leads the league in nearly every major passing category.

"It's a challenge because the quarterback does such a good job of getting the ball to whomever," interim head coach Wade Phillips said. "He sees the weakness in the coverage."

Currently, the Broncos have three receivers with double-digit touchdowns: Demaryius Thomas (11), Julius Thomas (11), Wes Welker (10). Eric Decker misses the list with just 8 touchdowns this season.

With Peyton Manning's ability to spread the ball around, the Texans secondary has a big task on Sunday.

"There's not anything you can play unless you just rush two and dropped everybody, so there's some areas where if a guy is playing inside man he'll throw it outside, if he's playing outside man he'll throw it inside. If there's a zone area, he'll throw it into the correct place that's the weakest area of the zone. That's why he's a great quarterback."


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