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Watch The Texans Online This Season

The official home of the Houston Texans on the web,, and the National Football League have come together once again to provide fans the ultimate football experience, complete with a full collection of enhanced services for the upcoming 2013 season.

This year follow the Texans from start to finish, with several packages designed to gives fans complete control of their game day experience. Each product puts you in charge, complete with HD and DVR control features, while also allowing for seamless connection between desktop computers and tablet devices.

It all starts with Preseason Live, the perfect solution for Texans fans living across the country. Can't find Texans preseason games on TV where you live? Preseason Live offers games on-demand. Want to watch the entire game? Or merely a condensed version? Both formats are available. You can watch every Texans snap, or watch a full game in as little as 30 minutes. After they've aired on local television, the games immediately become part of your football library. Re-live the experience throughout the preseason.

Game Rewind takes it a step further, allowing fans to view every NFL regular-season game online, on demand and in HD quality. Complete with the same game formats provided by Preseason Live, Texans followers can customize their own league-wide package, including playoffs and even the Super Bowl.

Want more than this year? Archived matchups from 2009-12 are also available as well. Subscribers to Game Rewind also get the access to the exclusive "Coaches Film", the same camera angles and formats that NFL coaches and scouts watch to break down their opponents. With Game Rewind, you can sit in the comfort of your own Texans library and examine each play at the touch of a button.

Texans fans outside the United States and Mexico have Game Pass at their service, an international version of the Game Rewind package. All games are available in HD, allowing fans abroad to have DVR control of the Texans all year long.

Video isn't the only way to connect with the Texans in 2013, with Audio Pass giving you direct access to home or away radio broadcasts for every NFL game as they happen.

No matter if you are at home, in the car or on the road, you can now take the Houston Texans with you every step of the way. [internal-link-placeholder-0]

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