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Weaver visits local youth

-Houston Texans defensive end Anthony Weaver made an appearance this afternoon at the Shell Unit Boys & Girls Club on behalf of the Reliant Energy Power Players Program.

Weaver and OL Chester Pitts are the Texans spokespersons for the program, along with several Houston Texans Cheerleaders. The week prior to each home game, Weaver or Pitts will make an appearance at a different Boys & Girls Club where the player and a cheerleader will work with participants on football and cheerleader skills.

"It's great to be able to work with these kids and hopefully have an impact on them," Weaver said. "It's important for them to develop the study and exercise habits now that will help them down the road, and this program does a great job of teaching them those habits."

The Reliant Energy Power Players Program encourages good study habits and youth participation in sports for the 12 Boys & Girls Clubs in

. Reliant Energy and the Houston Texans Foundation will donate all equipment to be used in the Boys & Girls Club flag football program including jerseys, footballs, flags and tees. In order to participate in flag football games each week, participants must complete three hours per week in the Power Hour study program.

The Texans, Reliant Energy and ARAMARK will provide 100 general admission tickets to each of the eight Texans regular season home games played in Reliant Stadium as well as a free hot dog, soft drink, t-shirt and Power Towel.

For more information, call the Houston Texans Communications Department at (832) 667-2140.

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