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Week 12 fantasy recap


The Week 12 winner of the free fantasy football challenge received a mini-helmet autographed by Amobi Okoye.

The Challengaz had a breakout performance in Week 12 as they scored 149 points with the help of big games from QB Brees (32 pts), TE Gates (22 pts) and his RB Grant (19 pts). The Challengaz are the new owner of a brand new Texans mini-helmet autographed by rookie Amobi Okoye.

Don't forget to set your lineups by 6:15 this Thursday because on the line next week is an Anthony Weaver autographed mini-helmet.

Patti Smith sat alone in the dark in the War Room the night before the draft, crunching the numbers, trying to figure out exactly how she wanted to use her draft picks in order to select a team of championship caliber. After staying up all night, draft day finally arrived and the "FSN Divas" were on the clock. Patti chose to go with the two most dominant WRs this season. Unfortunately, they didn't pan out the way most head coaches thought they would this week as WR Moss only scored four points and WR Owens grabbed 12 in the end. But her late round selection of RB Smith (27 pts), DST Steelers (22 pts) and QB Schaub (18 pts) proved to be the magic touch this week as the "FSN Divas" scored 115 points to claim the Week 12 victory in the Texans Celebrity League. Stefanie Kazel's "Brown Recluse" scored 106 points for a second place finish and TORO's "Ballers" came in third with 100 points.

Patti Smith is trying her best to pull away and she is doing a great job at it. The Houston Texans Fantasy Football Celebrity League top three overall standings are:

  1. Patti Smith (FSN Diva) – 1,335 points
  2. Matt Jackson (The Champs) – 1,254 points
  3. Stefanie Kazel (Brown Recluse) – 1,210 points
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