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Houston Texans

Week 12 fantasy recap


Lunch for four with the Houston Texans Cheerleaders in the team cafeteria is the prize up for grabs in Week 13 of the Home Team Challenge.

With quarterback Brett Favre (33 pts), DST Jets (31 pts), running back Chris Johnson (24 pts) and tight end Antonio Gates (23 pts) leading the way, team "Workers" scored 149 points in the Texans Fantasy Football League to win a pass for two to attend Texans coach Gary Kubiak's weekly Monday press conference in the Texans team auditorium.

Not only did "Workers" come in first place in Week 12 in the Texans Fantasy Football League, the team also finished in second place in the entire United States. Congratulations!

A lunch for four in the Texans' team cafeteria with the Texans Cheerleaders is on the line in Week 13, so make sure to set those lineups no later than Thursday at 6:20 p.m. CT.

Meanwhile, in the Texans Celebrity League…

33, 24, 22, and 20. Those were the point totals for the leaders (Farve, Johnson, DST Vikings and wide receiver Donald Driver) on Marc Vandermeer's "Rock and Roll" in Week 12 as his team accumulated 128 points to claim first place in the Texans Celebrity League.

Jason Minnix's "SADEVILS1" came in second place with 126 points, and Jacquie Glendinning's "Captain Jack" finished in third place with 125 points.'s Nick Scurfield has dropped from the top of the rankings all the way down to a tie for fourth place. Ralph Cooper has made his way back to the number one spot. Former Houston Oilers quarterback Giff Nielsen also has climbed his way to claim the number two spot, only 13 points out of first place.

TCL Top 3 overall standings:1. Ralph Cooper (kcoh colts) – 1,349 points
2. Giff Nielsen (thegiffer14) – 1,336 points
3. Chris L (Breakin the Law) – 1,333 points

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