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Houston Texans

Week 13 fantasy recap


An autographed football signed by Texans tight Owen Daniels is on the line in Week 14.

Aside from tight end Tony Scheffler only contributing one point to his team, "Thy Rod & Thy Staff" racked up 131 points in Week 13 of the Texans Fantasy Football League. Quarterback Drew Brees (26 pts), DST Broncos (24 pts), running back Knowshon Moreno and wide receiver Robert Meachem (20 pts apiece) all combined to lead the charge past the rest of the league.

But while "Thy Rod & Thy Staff" finished first and "Mack E. Aveli" finished in second place, the real Week 13 winner goes "Htowntexans09" for coming third due to the fact that the first and second place teams are employees of the Houston Texans. Therefore, "Htowntexans09" have won a lunch for four in the Texans cafeteria with the Texans Cheerleaders!

Make sure your lineups are set by 6:20 p.m. Thursday because an autographed football signed by Houston Texans tight Owen Daniels is on the line in Week 14.

Meanwhile, in the Texans Celebrity League…

After a late contribution from tight end Jermichael Finley (19 pts) on Monday Night Football, John's "Warren's Warriors" came from behind to propel himself to the top of the rankings in the Texans Celebrity League in Week 13.

Aside from Brees (26 pts), the rest of the team was pretty balanced with each player scoring between 12 and 19 points.

Former Houston Oilers quarterback Giff Nielsen has taken over the number one spot in the TCL. The race to the finish is getting tighter, as there are only 10 points separating first and third place.

TCL Top 3 overall standings:
1. Giff Nielsen (thegiffer14) – 1,452 points
2. Chris L (Breakin the Law) – 1,443 points
3. Nick Scurfield (Scurf's Up!) – 1,442 points

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