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Week 15 fantasy recap


The coach of "Texans rule" was able to draft the perfect combination of wide receiver Johnson (26 pts), running back Dominic Rhodes (23 pts) and tight end Dallas Clark (20 pts) to finish with 125 points and a first-place finish. An autographed picture of Texans defensive end and 2009 Pro Bowler Mario Williams will be awarded to "Texans rule" later this week.

A mini-helmet autographed by Texans linebacker DeMeco Ryans is on the line in Week 16 of Texans Fantasy Football.

As the old saying goes, "Great minds think alike." In Week 15 of the Texans Celebrity League, that couldn't have been more correct. Bart Enis' "Mystery Men" and Patti Smith's "FSN Divas" both scored 96 points to finish in a tie.

Coach Enis' team got great performances from quarterback Phillip Rivers (22 pts), running back Maurice Jones-Drew and wide receiver Randy Moss (18 pts apiece), while Coach Smith's team leaders were wide receiver Steve Smith (22 pts) and quarterback Peyton Manning (18 pts).

But when it was all said and done and the hanging chads were counted, Smith's "FSN Divas" would come out victorious due to the tiebreaker of the Celebrity League which states, "The tiebreaker goes to the Texans Celebrity that accumulates the most face time on TV." (The real tiebreaker rule is whomever has the most points overall wins – FSN Divas, 1,441; Mystery Men, 1,408).

Matt Jackson's "Unbeatable MJ" came in second place with 94 points and Butch Alsandor's "Saints" finished in third place with 93 points.

With only two weeks left, Matt Jackson will try and hang on to his 28-point lead over's Nick Scurfield the rest of the pack.

Here are the top three overall standings in the Celebrity League:

Matt Jackson (Unbeatable MJ) – 1,483 points
Nick Scurfield (Scurf's Up!) – 1,455 points
TORO (TORO'S Ballers) – 1,453 points

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