Week 16 fantasy recap


WE HAVE A TIE! Two different teams scored 137 points in Week 16, leaving "Go Hobo" and "saneef007" in a dead heat at week's end. "Go Hobo," a team from the West Coast, built its team around a heavy rushing attack with RB Chris Johnson and RB Darren Sproles (23 pts apiece). Meanwhile, "saneef007" relied on the air attack with QB Tom Brady (34 pts) and WR Roddy White (25 pts) leading the charge.

But after further review from the officials' booth and after all the votes were tallied and hanging chads counted, "Go Hobo" was named our Week 16 winner after having a higher overall score on the season. "Go Hobo" has won the opportunity to be an Honorary Captain at the last home game of the year, when the Texans take on the Patriots on Jan. 3, 2010.

This is the last week of the season and crazy things have been known to happen around the NFL, so make sure to set your lineups to see who will win an NFL Network Cooler with Radio and iPod connection. Also, our overall Grand Prize is on the line, which is the opportunity to play Madden 2010 with a Houston Texans player!

Meanwhile, in the Texans Celebrity League…

It all comes down to this: one week for all the glory. Nick Scurfield has remained in the lead but has been lacking the breakout games he had early in the season over the past few weeks. He told the media that even though he is winning by 18 points, he doesn't want to take a chance, so he will play all of his starters. With only 53 points separating first and fourth place, it should be a fun Week 17.

The TCL Top 3 overall standings are:
1. Nick Scurfield (Scurf's Up!) – 1,796 points
2. Daniel Y. (Hotlanta Maniacs) – 1,778 points
3. Giff Nielsen (thegiffer14) – 1,744 points
4. Ralph Cooper (kcoh colts) – 1,743 points

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