Week 3 fantasy preview

The curls of hair that hang out from under David Carr's helmet can't disappear for at least another two weeks.

No one wants a haircut more than Carr and his father, Rodger, who vowed not to get their ears lowered until the Texans won two-straight games. So, before he mows his rug, Carr has to mow down some defensive secondaries.

For those of you thinking the quarterback should get used to buying extra shampoo, think again.

Carr was one of the best quarterbacks in the league last week in Detroit, despite throwing his third interception of the season.

Very rarely does a 313 yards, two touchdown performance end with a lopsided loss, at least, not in fantasy football.

Think first of Carr's interceptions. Two were tipped balls. Take those away and Carr has a 71.2 completion percentage, two touchdowns and one interception in two games.

Of course, turnovers have kept the Texans out of the win column and made Carr a less attractive fantasy choice. While running back Domanick Davis and wide receiver Andre Johnson have remained favorites in many leagues, Carr is often left on the bench.

Well David, here's your shot.

Kansas City (0-2) is likely the worst defense the Texans have faced this year if not the worst defense in the league. On the road or not, Carr has the chance to put up big numbers (not that he hasn't already, he put up 29 points in the EA Sports fantasy league last week).

Chiefs cornerback Eric Warfield had two interceptions last week against the Panthers, returning one for a touchdown.

The rest of the defense is suspect.

The defensive line has managed two sacks this season and one of its best pass rushers, defensive end Vonnie Holliday, is listed as questionable with a groin injury. We all know how pestering those can be.

The Chiefs rank last against the run and linebackers Shawn Barber, Monty Beisel and Scott Fujita have put up an average of 23 tackles per game, but are still largely unproven as a unit apt to give up the big play.

A successful running game will open up the pass. That's a football commandment.

FANTASY GAME BALLS:Oh there were just so many last week.

How about Curtis Martin? The man keeps proving he's not washed up. In two weeks he's managed 315 rushing yards and four touchdowns to lead fantasy running backs.

Don't start him this week though. The Jets are off.

Cheers to DeShaun Foster (174 yards at Arrowhead Stadium). He has proven once and for all that he can step in for Stephen Davis. Of courses, with Carolina's offensive line and scheme, I could step in for Stephen Davis.

Finally, where would we be without Michael "Mike" Vick. The talk ever since Sunday has been about letting him do his thing. It's like he's an animal or something. After a 14-of-19, one touchdown, 119-yard rushing day, maybe he is more than human.

RANT OF THE WEEK:Kellan Winslow. Yes, we all knew it would be a matter of time before you had your big break.

Unfortunately it was your leg.

How's the tight end waiver wire looking?

WHO TO START THIS WEEK:This isn't going to surprise many people, but Vick against the youthful Arizona Cardinals looks like a sure thing.

Domanick Davis has had his troubles with turnovers, but if he holds on to the ball against the Chiefs defense he can put up some big numbers.

The Philadelphia defense handled the Vikings Monday night. It's only a matter of time before they explode and really make a team look nasty. Sorry Joey Harrington, your Lions may be in trouble.

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