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Week 3 fantasy recap


The winner of Week 4 of the Texans' free fantasy football will receive a mini-helmet signed by Texans tight end Owen Daniels.

We finally have a winner that sits alone atop the charts and doesn't have to share the spotlight. "Pking" tallied 138 points at the end of Week 3 in the Houston Texans Fantasy Football **Home Team Challenge**.

His two lowest player scores were of only 10 points (kicker Matt Prater) and six points (tight end Jason Witten), while the remaining five players on his team each had 16 points or more. Some of the top performances came from running back Michael Turner (28 pts) and wide receiver Brandon Marshall (21 pts). Quarterback Jay Cutler also finished with 20 points, and it seems like the Denver QB-WR combination is a deadly attack that is sure to have a huge impact through the rest of the season.

"Pking" has won a Dunta Robinson autographed mini-helmet for his drafting abilities and selection skills.

The winner of Week 4 will receive a mini-helmet signed by Texans tight end Owen Daniels, who himself scored 7 points in Week 3.

Taking a look at the Texans Celebrity League, KHOU/Channel 11's own Butch Alsandor calmly looked into the camera as he signed off before all the games around the league this weekend and said, "Look out, Adam Wexler. I'm gonna come at you like a howler monkey!"

Well, 28 points from Turner, 22 points from running back Frank Gore and 21 points from the Titans' defense/special teams showed just how furious a howler monkey's attack can be as Alsandor's "Saints" finished with 130 points and the Week 3 victory in the Texans Celebrity League. In his on-air recap of this past weekend's football, Butch said to the camera, "I'm the best there is, plain and simple. I wake up in the morning and smell of excellence."

TORO's "TORO's Ballers" came in second place with 120 points, and Matt Jackson's "Unbeatable MJ" racked up 119 points to earn third place.

Looking at the overall standings, it looks like TORO has claimed the lead. Here are the standings for the top three spots in the Celebrity League:

  1. TORO (TORO'S Ballers) – 329 points
  2. Javier Montoya (Fruud's Dudes) – 321 points
  3. Adam Wexler (Wexler's Warriors) – 305 points
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