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Week 3 fantasy recap


As "Lsgrandma" was drafting her team last week, luck was on her side. She graciously placed the mouse over the player that she had been wanting to take all night in the war room. But right as she was selecting her quarterback, she turned to see the results of "Dancing With The Stars" and she wound up drafting QB Manning (37 pts) at the last second.

It seems like that move paid off as "Lsgrandma" scored 147 points, getting help from RB Jones-Drew (31 pts) and DST Broncos (25 pts) to win Week 3 of the Texans Fantasy Football League. With the victory, "Lsgrandma" is now the proud owner of an NFL Network Cooler with Radio and iPod connection.

The winner of Week 4 will receive a certificate for Lunch for Four in the Texans Team Cafeteria.

Meanwhile, in the Texans Celebrity League…

After the University of Houston's Saturday night victory over Texas Tech, Matt Jackson knew that this was his week. This was the week that he would climb back on top of the fantasy football world and take over his rightful place among the leaders of the Texans Celebrity League.

Matt Jackson's "Vick in a Box" scored 138 points with QB Manning (37 pts), RB Jones-Drew (31 pts) and DST Giants (20 pts) leading the way as Coach Jackson's team took home the Week 3 trophy in the Texans Celebrity League. In second place stood Scott Howe's "espn1230" out of San Antonio with 124 points. Evelyn Walter's "The Truth" came in the third place with 121 points.

Ralph Cooper still leads the league, but Matt Jackson, Giff Nielsen and Nick Scurfield are right on his tail.

TCL Top 3 overall standings:

  1. Ralph Cooper (kcoh colts) – 387 points
  2. Matt Jackson (Vick in a Box) – 356 points
  3. Giff Nielsen (thegiffer14) – 355 points
  4. Nick Scurfield (Scurf's Up!) – 355 points
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