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Week 4 fantasy recap


After reading the book "How to Properly Draft a Fantasy Football Team", "The Great 1" finally achieved the greatness they had been looking for all season and scored 133 points to edge out the victory over the second place "Almans" by one point to take Week 4 of the Texans Fantasy Football League. "The Great 1" got big-time performances from WR Smith (25 pts), QB Manning (24 pts) and DST Giants (17 pts) on the way to their victory. "The Great 1" is the winner of a certificate for Lunch for 4 in the Texans Team Cafeteria.

The Week 5 prize is two game tickets to the 49ers game with sideline passes, so make sure you draft your team before 11 a.m. on Sunday.

Meanwhile in the Texans Celebrity League… With DST 49ers scoring a whopping 43 points and QB Manning chipping in 24 points, Alex Radow's "Almans" scored 132 points in Week 4 to take first place in the Texans Celebrity League. As Coach Radow addressed the media Tuesday at his weekly press conference, a reporter posed the question, "Coach, with all the reports of illness going around, how you expect to protect your players after such a great performance?" Radow replied, "I don't believe in coddling people. In the wild, there is no healthcare. In the wild, healthcare is 'Ow, I hurt my leg. I can't run, a lion eats me and I'm dead!' Well, I'm NOT dead. I'm the lion. You're dead!"

Adam's "Wexler's Warriors" finished in second place with 123 points and 2008 Celebrity League Champion Butch Alsandor's "Saints" finished third with 120 points.

Ralph Cooper still sits in the No. 1 overall spot, but Wexler has made his presence felt and now sits in second place.'s Nick Scurfield has taken sole possession of third place.

The TCL Top 3 overall standings are:

  1. Ralph Cooper (kcoh colts) – 496 points
  2. Adam Wexler (Wexler's Warriors) – 456 points
  3. Nick Scurfield (Scurf's Up!) – 449 points
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