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Houston Texans

Week 4 fantasy recap


A mini-helmet signed by tight end Owen Daniels was awarded to "East Coast Offense" for his Week 4 victory in the free Home Team Challenge.

In Week 4 of the Fantasy Football Home Team Challenge, "East Coast Offense" used his impressive Internet research skills to emerge victorious with 131 points. Each of his eight players scored in double digits, including at 28-point effort from quarterback Tony Romo and a 22-point effort from wide receiver Greg Jennings.

The Romo-Jason Witten combo came in handy as the duo totaled 43 points between the two of them. A mini-helmet signed by Texans tight end Owen Daniels has been awarded to "East Coast Offense" for his Week 4 victory.

In Week 5 of the Home Team Challenge, an autographed football signed by Texans wide receiver Jacoby Jones will be on the line.

In the Texans Celebrity League...

"Why don't you practice more?"

"Why didn't you run this play?"

"What is your favorite color?"

"What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

...Each of these questions, and many more, had been asked over and over again to Patti Smith's "FSN Divas" in the past few weeks due to the poor performances her team had put together on the field. Patti finally was fed up with all the "jibba-jabba" and told her team to just go out there and play.

When it was all said and done at the end of Week 4, the "FSN Divas" finished with 124 points and a first-place finish in the Texans Celebrity League, fourth overall among Texans Fans. Patti got a lot of help from Romo (28 pts) along with running back LaDanian Tomlinson and wide receiver Lance Moore (22 pts apiece). Ralph Cooper's "kcohcolts" of KCOH Radio on 1430 AM finished in second place in Week 4, tied with SportsRadio 610's Robert Henslee's "Cy Fair Slobberknockers" at 110 points.

TORO now has first place all to himself. Now, let's see if he can hang on to it. Here are the standings for the top three spots in the Celebrity League:

  1. TORO (TORO'S Ballers) – 429 points
  2. Javier Montoya (Fruud's Dudes) – 402 points
  3. Adam Wexler (Wexler's Warriors) – 396 points
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