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Week 5 fantasy recap


Texans Cheerleader Betsy took home a victory in the Texans Celebrity League in Week 5 of the Home Team Challenge.

The moons were aligned just right during Week 5 as the "TSUTexans" scored 136 points to claim their first victory of the season in the **Home Team Challenge**.

All but one of TSUTexans' players (kicker Kris Brown – nine pts) scored more than 12 points this week, including the Chicago Bears DST (26 pts), quarterback Tony Romo and running back Steve Slaton (both 21 pts) and running back Matt Forte and wide receiver Randy Moss (17 pts apiece). That balanced production helped to solidify the "TSUTexans" as the No. 1 team at the end of Week 5 in the Texans' free fantasy football league. The "TSUTexans" have won a football signed by Texans WR Jacoby Jones.

An autographed picture signed by Texans linebacker DeMeco Ryans will be up for grabs in Week 6 action of the Home Team Challenge.

Over in the Texans Celebrity League…Betsy's "Cheer" finally got to taste victory this week. With 21 points from both Romo and Slaton leading the way, 17 points from Moss and 15 points from the New England Patriots DST, our own Texans Cheerleader scored 122 points to claim the top spot in the Texans Celebrity League. Her team was so well-rounded this week that all but one player (Kris Brown) scored more than 12 points.

As Betsy stood at the podium to address the media after Week 5 was in the books, a reporter asked her what her strategy was in drafting her team this week. Betsy replied, "There is really nothing to it. You see, I put my pants on just like the rest of you…one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold football teams."

After a last-place finish in Week 4, Lance Cavazos' "Dunder Mifflin" rebounded to finish second in the Texans Celebrity League with 108 points. John Kelly's "FSN Nomads" came in third place with 106 points.

A new competitor has emerged in the race for Fantasy Football glory in the Celebrity League. Here are the standings for the top three spots in the Celebrity League:

  1. TORO (TORO'S Ballers) – 511 points
  2. Stefanie Kazel (Brown Recluse) – 481 points
  3. Javier Montoya (Fruud's Dudes) – 480 points
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