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Week 8 Fantasy Recap


The Week 9 winner of the free Houston Texans Home Team Challenge will win an Andre Johnson Fathead wall graphic.


With the game on the line, "BarbsBucs1" couldn't get K Dawson to score one point after totaling 158 points in Week 8, matching the point total of "Texas Turnovers" for a tie at the top. "BarbsBucs1" were lead by RB Johnson (35 pts), QB Rodgers (34 pts) and DST Bears (31 pts) and "Texas Turnovers" got big games out of QB Favre (33 pts) and RB Jones-Drew (29 pts) to each finish with the same amount of points.

After further review from the booth, "BarbsBucs1" is the winner of Week 8 due to his higher overall point total. "BarbsBucs1" has won an autographed football signed by Steve Slaton.

An Andre Johnson Fathead is the prize up for grabs in Week 9 of Texans Fantasy Football.

Meanwhile, in the Texans Celebrity League, despite only scoring one point from K Scobee, the rest of Jim Krecklow's team, "Milehigh Hammer", made up for such a poor individual performance.

QB Favre (33 pts), DST Bears (31 pts) and RB Jones-Drew (29 pts) lead the way for the "Milehigh Hammer" as they cruised to a 142 point total and the Week 8 victory in the Texans Celebrity League.

Tied for second place in the Texans Celebrity League were Roy Jawahir's "C.O. Jones Cowboys" and Mike Frazier's "Arkansas Mafia" with 130 points each and in third place sat Adam's "Wexler's Warriors" with 128 points.

Nick Scurfield still sits at the number one spots, but Adam Wexler seems to be closing the gap.

The TCL Top 3 overall standings are:
1. Nick Scurfield (Scurf's Up!) – 968 points
2. Adam Wexler (Wexler's Warriors) – 958 points
3. Ralph Cooper (kcoh colts) – 955 points

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