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Week 8 fantasy recap


For the third time this season, we have a tie in the Home Team Challenge. "The Pugs" and "BigRed" both scored 134 points in Week 8 of the Texans' free fantasy football league, but after further review from officials, the trophy goes to "BigRed" due to the fact that they have more points overall, which wins the tiebreaker.

Quarterback Drew Brees (31 pts) and wide receiver Steve Smith (23 pts) led the way for "BigRed," and aside from their kicker Taylor Mehlhaff (7 pts), each of their players scored more than 12 points to give "BigRed" a mini-helmet signed by Texans defensive end Anthony Weaver.

A Texans football autographed by tight end Owen Daniels will be on the line in Week 9, so get those lineups set!

Now, who doesn't enjoy a last-second comeback against the defending champion? Well, probably not the defending champion, that's for sure. The Texans Celebrity League witnessed it firsthand as Rich Lord's "Toros" got a little help from Monday Night Football to overcome Patti Smith's "FSN Divas" and win Week 8.

Patti was enjoying a nice lead going in to the MNF game as she kicked back and relaxed as the Colts and Titans got their game underway. As the game went on, Patti got a little more nervous with each kick from Titans kicker Rob Bironas. By the end of the game, Patti was curled up under her desk sucking her thumb crying for her momma as the final scoreboard read, "Toros" – 118 points, "FSN Divas" – 115 points.

Lord's "Toros" got big games from quarterback Matt Schaub (29 pts), wide receiver Smith (23 pts) and DST Ravens (18 pts) – not to mention the hero of the hour, Bironas (11 pts). Adam's "Wexler's Warriors" continued his consistent play in 2008, finishing third with 112 points.

TORO still reigns supreme in the Texans Celebrity League and has extended his lead to 26 points over Texans TV's Brooke Bentley, but all it takes is one week for something crazy to happen. Here are the standings for the top-three spots in the Celebrity League through Week 8:

  1. TORO (TORO'S Ballers) – 797 points
  2. Brooke Bentley (B Squared) – 771 points
  3. Adam Wexler (Wexler's Warriors) – 766 points
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