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Week 9 HTC results

Congratulations to

Zech's Team* pulled off a victory in Week 9 of Houston Texans Fantasy Football presented by StubHub and is awarded with a Houston Texans mini-helmet autographed by offensive lineman Chester Pitts

In the Celebrity League, Butch Alsandor, aka "The Butchers", scored 122 points to win Week 9 of the TCL over cumulative leader Matt Jackson (116 points) and regular runner-up, Adam Wexler (112 points).  When approached by Butch prior to the week's selections,

clearly opted to keep his lunch money and concede a fantasy victory to Alsandor.  Butch's selection of LT and LJ provided a hefty 60 points, but the 19 points from the Chargers defense proved to be the difference maker. 

Carmine Pirone's "Crunch" (69 points), with the '92 Oilers rallying against him, continued on his impressive pitfall with the "out-smarting" yourself selections of RB Chester Taylor and QB Philip Rivers.  Carmine, remember, it's a marathon not a sprint…

In the quest for the TCL Statue, Matt Jackson (MJ's Shake and Bake) held onto his impressive lead with 981 points, but it's still too early to coast as several others have a chance if they can gain some ground soon.  Kudos to Patti Smith for sneaking her way into the rankings, further proof that slow and steady can get you second place.  The TCL Top 3 overall standings are: 

  1. Matt Jackson (MJ's Shake and Bake) – 981 points
  2. Patti Smith (FSNDiva) – 873 points
  3. Bart Enis (Mystery Men) – 871 points
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