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Houston Texans

Weight room changes, MMA tactics new in offseason

After the second day of offseason workouts finished, left tackle Duane Brown joined Tuesday's Texans All Access. He covered a range of topics, including how the weight room "is completely different" under strength and conditioning coach Craig Fitzgerald.

"We have a lot of big platforms that can change into different structures to do different workouts on," Brown said. "We have like a 40-yard blue turf field in there that we can use for a lot of different activities."

The equipment, according to the 2012 All Pro, isn't the only thing different. The workouts have changed as well.

"The kind of training that he does is like circuit training," Brown said. "It's very, very high-tempo; you don't really have time to rest at all. So you're getting a good workout in strength and muscle building but at the same time it's good cardio. So far I like it."

Brown said that in addition to the high-tempo workouts, Fitzgerald will soon introduce mixed martial arts (MMA) principles as well. This development has Brown, who's dabbled with boxing workouts in past offseasons, enthused.

"He has a lot of heavy bags in there, boxing gloves and boxing mitts," Brown said. "I'm excited for that. That'll mix it up a bit and give us a little change of pace. I've done some boxing but mixed martial arts is a different animal, so I'm excited to see it."

Fitzgerald, Brown and the Texans were able to start the program yesterday, because the team hired a new head coach this offseason in Bill O'Brien. All NFL squads with new head coahces were able to begin the offseason workouts two weeks before the rest of the League.


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