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Who would you add? Plus, Happy Texans bday | Daily Brew


Happy first day of summer. We all know summer really begins Memorial Day weekend, but today's the longest day of the year, and a good, strong Texans' birthday. (More on that down below.)

Today's Brew digs a little deeper into a nerd exercise John Harris and I did two years ago during a quiet period of the offseason. We drafted an All-Time NFL dream team, but could only use one player PER franchise. So he, for example, took J.J. Watt from the Texans. That meant I couldn't choose Watt, so I took Andre Johnson. Both, by the way, belong in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Back when we did this, we spread it out over four weeks, choosing eight players apiece per podcast.

We chit-chatted about it, two years later, for a few interesting reasons yesterday.

-We discussed it here last week as the news reports came out, but the Texans made it official yesterday in their announcement about Maliek Collins and his contract extension.

-Speaking of Collins, ANY time his name comes up, I'm going to refer you back to the video below. A few years back, he wanted to lose weight, so he linked up with a boxing gym. He liked the trainer so much, they went into business together. But their boxing gym helps out patients with Parkinson's. It's the best story I've ever had a role in telling, and I hope you'll watch this.


The Texans went bowling as a team-bonding activity... then the rookies went to NASA together, and...

-SPEAKING OF BOWLING: Andre Johnson was/is a great bowler. He also belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the best Texans ever: Wade Phillips. He was the defensive coordinator here from 2011 through 2013, and did a terrific job. Phillips was a fantastic head coach as well: he has an 82-64 record and took five teams to the playoffs. AND he recently ate dinner with LeBron James. Sort of.

-Wilt Chamberlain, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Andre the Giant walk onto a movie set...

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