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Fans that attended the Texans' morning training camp session today received a special treat when RV Brown, author of* Step up to the Plate Dad!*, was introduced following practice as the feature speaker for the day's All-Pro Dad event.

As players walked off the field, Brown addressed the crowd on what it takes to be a pro dad and the importance of men taking the reigns of their families.

Brown, one of 17 children, addressed the importance of knowing the difference between a father and a dad.

"We have enough fathers in America, but we need some men to be dads," he said. "A 16-year old can father a child, but that doesn't make him a dad. It's all about raising your children and being a positive example. It's about hugging your kids. Don't be afraid to love your children. That's all the kids need, they need to know that they are loved."

The speaker shared his personal experiences with the audience about how he learned to be a dad.

"I had a dad that could not read or write, but he hugged me every day, he kissed me every day and told me that I was something special," the former South Carolina State football player said. "By him telling me that I was someone special, I can stand here today to tell you that I'm a man because of my dad. I'm a man because my dad taught me what it is to be a man.

"Being a family is a team effort. In the Texans football team, there are 11 guys in the offense. If six of them say they are going to go this way, and five say they are going to go the other way, then they are never going to make it to the end zone. You have to come together as one, just like a team, so you can be a winning family."

His message included a challenge to the audience to change the society of this country by changing what their family attitudes.

"I challenge you to spend time with your children," he said. "Fathers turn off the television. Mothers turn off that cell phone and listen to your children. The most important thing that you can say to your sons and daughters is 'My love is unconditional. I love you not because of what you might become. I love you because you are my son.' It's our responsibility to love our children."

The All Pro Dad is an organization made up of fathers in the NFL that promotes the revitalization of the relationships between fathers and children. Texans special teams coordinator Joe Marciano is a member. For more information on this organization you can go to

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