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Written Dear Drew: Backup QB, FA, O-line ?'s

  • Drew Dougherty answered a few questions from fans in the video above. He answered some more in the article below. Get some exercise. If you're exercising while reading this...touché.*

Marcos Castelan: Dear Drew, Do you think that that we will get a new backup quarterback for Deshaun Watson.
DD: Yes. Tom Savage, T.J. Yates and Josh Johnson are all free agents. Tyler Heinicke is under contract. But I'm pretty sure you'll see a new face or two in the quarterback room in 2018. Don't be surprised if the Texans add depth there in free agency or the Draft.

Chris Basurto: Dear Drew, Will the Texans be huge players in free agency this year? Last year they stayed put.
DD: I definitely think they'll be more active in free agency in 2018. Huge might be a subjective word to use, depending on what your expectations are, but I'm fairly certain you'll see some help from outside the organization this offseason. Last year, the team re-signed veterans like Shane Lechler, Ryan Griffin, and Jay Prosch, to name a few. They'll hold on to a few free agents again this year, too. 

Lisa Marie Yanez: Dear Drew, will we get a new offensive line this year?
DD: You'll certainly see some new faces up front in 2018. Bank on center Nick Martin starting, and expect more work for Julién Davenport, who started the final two games of 2017 at left tackle. I'd expect the team to add help in free agency and the Draft.

Martin Guardiola Jr.: Dear Drew should I invest in Cryptocurrency in hopes that I strike it HUGE and then be able to buy myself the Texans?
DD: The McNairs aren't selling, but hey, you do you when it comes to investing and finances and whatnot. GOOD LUCK!

Robert Wolf: Dear Drew, With a new GM with same philosophy as coach how much do you think that will help this organization?
DD: I think GM Brian Gaine is going to do a good job. His resume is impressive, having worked under Bill Parcells in three different organizations, and also having an wealth of experience at a variety of positions in NFL front offices. 

Daniel Fuentez: Dear Drew, with J.J. Watt and Deshaun Watson showing significant progress in their rehabilitation, what's the status of Whitney Mercilus?
DD: Mercilus told us a few weeks ago that his rehab for a pectoral injury was going well, and he'd be ready to go for offseason conditioning, which starts in mid-April. It'll be great to see him back on the field with the rest of that defense. 

Kenneth Gaddis: Dear Drew, what do Tide pods taste like?
DD: Not like cinammon, from what I've heard.

Kevin Stone: Dear Drew, do you think Watson will give us an advantage in luring top veteran free agents?
DD: He certainly won't hurt. Ultimately it comes down to money, but knowing that there's an electric quarterback in charge of the team is certainly an attractive reason to sign with Houston. 

David Valdillez: Dear Drew, Is it true that the NFL has every team planned to win or lose????? It's all over Facebook. That's why Tom Brady always wins.
DD: If Facebook says so...

I-Min Michael Mau: Dear Drew, What do the Texans need to achieve this coming season in your opinion before you can say that the team is a serious playoff contender again and not just a mediocre team?
DD: They're a serious playoff contender, right now in late January, SOLELY because Deshaun Watson is expected to be back on the field. Throw in the other players returning from injury, changes on the defense, and expected upgrades in pass protection, and there's a lot to be opimistic about in 2018. 

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