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Written Dear Drew: Free agent targets, career advice

In the video above, Drew Dougherty answered a few questions from fans. He answered some more in the article below. Try mixing in a salad.

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Daniel Zuniga: Dear Drew, With Mike Vrabel out and Romeo Crennel still here, will this make a big difference overall in the effectiveness of the defense?
DD: Any coaching staff with Romeo Crennel on it is a good one. I'm excited to see what he does this season, as he's forgotten more football than many will ever learn. He's creative, has a deep reservoir of experience and success and he has the utmost respect in the locker room. 

Alejandro Mazal: Dear Drew, How soon can we expect the first big news with regards to free agents?
DD: Free agency begins on March 14. I think the Texans will be active, and active early in signing players from outside the organization.

David Valdillez: Dear Drew, Do you think the Houston Texans can get Malcom Butler?
DD: Can they? Yes. Will they? We'll see. I wouldn't rule anyone out, free agency-wise, who might be able to help in the secondary and/or the offensive line. Butler's an unrestricted free agent.

Michael Ruiz: Dear Drew, I would like a job like your someday. How did you get your job now?
DD: My job now isn't the job I took when I started with the Texans in 2009. It's grown as our department and footprint in media has expanded. But when I was hired, I had a decade of experience in television as an anchor, host and producer. From 2005 to 2009, I was the sports anchor on weeknights at the Fox affiliate in Lubbock. I also anchored the Telemundo sportscast in Spanish on weeknights in that time. And I hosted theMike Leach TV show, as well as the baseball and women's basketball coaches shows. Before that, for a few months in 2005 I was the editor of Austin Golf Magazine. From 2000 to 2004, I was a producer and fill-in anchor at Texas Cable News. I was laid off from TXCN and Austin Golf Magazine in a six-month period. 

But short answer to your question: get a great bacground of experience, have some great luck, and always foster relationships from all walks of life. You never know who'll be able to help you get a job someday.

I got the recommendation for the TXCN job from a friend I wrote with at the school paper in college. My magazine job recommendation came from a person I wrote a freelance article about. The Lubbock TV gig recco came from a TXCN co-worker. A high school teacher helped me with the Texans job.

Good luck, and holler back if you have more questions.

Shelby T Mitchell: Dear Drew, You cracked me up all the time.
DD: Thanks. 

Parker Shilling: Dear Drew, Who would you like to see as a backup QB to Deshaun Watson?
DD: I think the Texans will sign a veteran free agent. Behind Watson, the only quarterback on the roster under contract next season is Taylor Heinicke. I think you'll see him, Watson and a veteran free agent.

Ramiro Rodriguez: Dear Drew, Now that the Super Bowl has passed, and the Eagle won their first Super Bowl… my question is when will it be our turn to hoist the Lombardi trophy?
DD: I've said it a few times before, and I'll gladly say it again and again: as long as Watson is able to play under center, the Texans can play with ANYONE.

Daniel Fuentez: Drew Drew, Do you ever see the Titans giving back the Oilers lore back to Houston?
DD: I don't. Those days are long gone.

I-Min Michael Mau: What's your thoughts about the XFL?
DD: I'm intrigued. Vince MacMahon is a saavy guy, and likely learned a hell of a lot from the first go-round. 

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Where is the NFL on adding another NFL team? I heard a reposition of Division could put us in a division with Titans, Saints, and Cowboys?
DD: I don't see the NFL expanding anytime soon, and I certainly don't see the League breaking up the NFC East division. So I doubt the Texans and Cowboys would ever be in the same division.

Minz Lentz: Dear Drew, I think it would be great to have JJ and Watson remake the Dirty Dancing commercial that Manning and Obj did for the Super Bowl, what are the chances you could make that happen? Or any of our Texans?
DD: That would be something. That ship's probably sailed, though. Don't think you'll see them remaking that one.

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