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Written Dear Drew: Post-Combine edition

Alan Crudden: Dear Drew, How about a session where we see how a scout breaks down film of a draft prospect?
DD: Great idea, Alan! You mean, like this? Or this? Or maybe, this?

Fernando Arriazola-Perales: Dear Drew, What do you think of DeAndre Hopkins recruiting players like Aqib Talib, Jimmy Graham and Malcolm Butler?
DD: I love it, Fernando. I'm sure Texans players have lobbied for, and are lobbying for, free agents in private. But it's cool to see DeAndre do it publicly. He's the game's best receiver and he wants to make his team better. I think it's really cool. 

Daniel Fuentez: Dear Drew, Do you see the Texans play another international game this season?
DD: Danimal, I'd love that, but they're stateside this autumn. But in 2019, there's a good chance they'll play in London. Nothing is concrete, but I could see that happening, since the Texans are one of the few remaining NFL teams who haven't played in London.

Alfredo Portillo: Dear Drew, Between Denver and Tennessee this fall, which one would you choose to go to as your first Texans road game?
DD: Definitely Denver, Alfredo. Nashville's a lot of fun, but you know the Texans will be back there on a yearly basis. You can schedule that trip for 2019. While Denver's in the AFC, and the Texans are more likely to play them on a regular basis, it's not always guaranteed. They were last there in 2015, and before that, it was 2012. A 2014 preseason contest was sandwiched in between. The Broncos have a cool environment and a beautiful stadium. Plus, the flights probably aren't too pricy.

David Valdillez: Dear Drew, Are the Texans going to keep their best players like Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus and not let them go like they did with A.J. Bouye?
DD: Yes. Both Clowney and Mercilus are under contract, David. At the Combine last week, new general manager Brian Gaine was asked about Clowney and a new deal, and Gaine said he's optimistic one will get done in the near future. The Texans wanted Bouye back, also, but he chose to sign with the Jaguars.

James Garcia: Dear Drew, Should I report family members to Child Protective Services for child abuse for dressing their poor babies in Dallas Cowboys outfits?
DD: Ugh. 

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, When is the Draft party?
DD: It'll be on Friday, April 27th. The details will be out soon, but plan on being here for that second night of the Draft.

Matt Brawley: Dear Drew, I hear Texas BBQ is becoming popular in France. How bout playing a game in Paris and showing them the right way to do it?
DD: Cool with me, Matt. I love Paris. However, I don't see it happening any time in the next five years. I think they'll hit London first.  

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